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Xbox 360 Games

Xbox 360 Games Threads
ThreadThread StarterRepliesViewsLast Post
Who plays Halo Wars? Ecliipse21,259

02/22/10 6:12 pm
by Ecliipse

WHICH NEW GAME TO GET??? The Pancake Guy423,031

02/22/10 12:39 pm
by Not a Valid User

Halo Wars Boostable ? SetsunaFSeiei0983

02/22/10 10:49 am
by SetsunaFSeiei

Borderland Jeremy21,163

02/21/10 10:33 pm
by iKhaotic

Rockband2 Daniel21,140

02/21/10 6:07 pm
by Daniel

Assassins Creed 2? Good? Bad? This thread contains a pollJeremy11,457

02/21/10 5:37 pm
by theEVOL1

Resident Evil 5 DLC chrisarcade51,652

02/21/10 4:01 pm
by chrisarcade

Dantes Inferno Relic ? Circus21,646

02/21/10 3:06 pm
by Circus

Deadly Premonition? Krueger1428201,841

02/21/10 1:16 pm
by Not a Valid User

How long did it take everyone to beat Bioshock 2? Circus108,661

02/21/10 3:16 am
by Circus

If any kind soul would be willing to help me with LotR: Conquest - Before the Servers close FishSquared31,240

02/20/10 1:11 pm
by Tom Auditore de Firenze

I need help!! PMPNPMPN71,554

02/19/10 5:46 pm
by angrymoo

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce Online Glitch Junior32,831

02/19/10 1:53 pm
by SetsunaFSeiei

ideas for a game? SmokedKAOS55991,450

02/18/10 1:42 pm
by Super Hyper X

Bioshock 2 Question Tigheranosaur8471,249

02/17/10 3:21 pm
by Super Hyper X

Bioshock 2: Question about Tenenbaum. Potential Spoilers Werewolfzero21,360

02/17/10 4:20 am
by Werewolfzero

NBA Live 09 Club ChristopherRage01,349

02/17/10 2:13 am
by ChristopherRage

Lovin Bioshock 2 so far but... Circus171,909

02/16/10 2:48 pm
by Circus

Lost Planet 2 ReAl ImPuLsE81,330

02/16/10 10:03 am
by Nemesis Mask

assassins creed dlc dosen't work swoooo6211,098

02/15/10 10:28 pm
by StarRoadWarrior

MW2 serves problem ReAl ImPuLsE101,435

02/15/10 5:08 pm
by Not a Valid User

Which game is going to be better Bad company 2 or Aliens VS Predator? SigmaOmega3141,299

02/15/10 7:45 am
by CHASE1494

What should I get? Wrothgar2009212,333

02/13/10 4:56 pm
by SmokedKAOS559

CoD MW2 Easter Eggs BoyzRFlatt1922,461

02/13/10 11:05 am
by BoyzRFlatt

Bioshock 2 possibly one of the best games ever! Vegeta771143,371

02/12/10 5:22 pm
by Jennifer 9000