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Personal Information
Region:South Carolina
Join Date:Jan 27, 2010
BirthdayJuly 30th
angrymoo's Awards
Burnt Waffle
Burnt Waffle

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Bronze Waffle
Bronze Waffle

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360Voice Group

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It Defines Me

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Gamercard Lover

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Gamertag Info
MottoCows go BWAH!
Married to the wiffle www.TrueAchievements.com /Angrymoo www.XboxAmerica.com /profiles/Angrymoo
angrymoo's Shoutbox
ShadowMachine X - 12 years ago

Happy Birthday!!!

BillJones0302 - 12 years ago

Happy Birthday!

- 12 years ago

Happy Birthday!

PureEvil x21 - 12 years ago

I like it so far. Playing on Plainswalker difficulty. So far I have beat the 1st 3 people. I'm on the Blue chick with the green/blue deck that brings out massive amounts of land. I have gotten her down to 2 life about 7 times and she always kicks my ass before I can finish her.

angrymoo - 12 years ago

List: MLB 2k6 madagascar kartz spongebob truth ben 10 U.A. shrek forever after cars 2

PureEvil x21 - 13 years ago

Thanks. I think it was from beating the campaign in Magic. I know it was free.

Meta - 13 years ago

Mitch Hedburg IS win!

Minioger - 13 years ago

I was hoping someone would get it...lol

Adrian - 13 years ago

u mind helping me in terminator salvation?

angrymoo - 13 years ago

before i picked it up my GS was going up at a pretty good rate, now im 43 hours deep into the game and dont plan on leaving chapter 11 anytime soon lol

Meta - 13 years ago

how are you enjoying FF13 mang?