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Xbox 360 Games

Xbox 360 Games Threads
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Whats the next game I should get? J0SH241,845

04/05/10 8:04 pm
by Crustyhippy

is the james cameron avatar game worth mattd41181,221

04/05/10 1:04 pm
by ReAl ImPuLsE

what's the best game out mattd411171,907

04/04/10 7:05 pm
by MarryPoppins wP

Final fantasy 13 No dice x 30211,680

04/03/10 10:22 pm
by iKhaotic

Mapathy Quiz dandude169592,483

04/03/10 3:43 pm
by BeardedRooster

Lego Star Wars: TCS breesyst1041,218

04/02/10 10:46 pm
by breesyst10

Samurai Shodown Sen - Anyone heard of it? Junior41,186

04/02/10 4:43 pm
by iKhaotic

need to boost Aliens vs Predator this week! Junior21,050

04/01/10 6:05 pm
by Junior

what do u think is better the mw2 map pack or the bfbc2 map pack Cristian101,350

03/31/10 11:04 pm
by Top Dogs 360

Closed: what is your favorite map from the new map pack from mw2? Cristian11,257

03/31/10 3:17 pm
by Hektic Juggalo

Any One Got Fuzion Frenzy 2? Sephiroth451131,106

03/31/10 2:49 pm
by Sephiroth451

Risen Melissa Evol323,272

03/30/10 7:32 am
by CHASE1494

Hunting Nuke Boosters ALXander33351,235

03/29/10 6:12 pm
by Daniel

Borderlands Crawmerax help MTB Mamba92,898

03/29/10 2:01 am
by Sean

APB Offical thread CHASE149411,332

03/28/10 8:13 pm
by AJ

Final Fantasy XIII Missions AccursedSin92,981

03/28/10 1:39 am
by kroberts11

If you could what 2 games would you combine to make an ultimate game? SigmaOmega3212,051

03/26/10 5:21 pm
by revandogg

does anyone wanna boost in mattd41131,245

03/25/10 10:17 pm
by iKhaotic


03/25/10 5:11 pm
by A White Nite

Your Most Anticipated Game of 2010 PureMrLateNight121,507

03/24/10 7:44 am
by Austin

shrek forever after J0SH121,296

03/23/10 10:17 pm
by Noah 9000

battlefield 2:modern combat SmokedKAOS5593993

03/23/10 9:10 pm
by Crustyhippy

Help me choose which to get PureMrLateNight161,810

03/23/10 8:26 pm
by Greg

gonna buy a game SmokedKAOS559251,899

03/23/10 7:28 pm
by Eclipse Khaos

Lost Odyssey Help iKidd121,338

03/23/10 2:14 pm
by Circus