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Code of Conduct

Xbox America is—before anything—a community. We're all gamers from North America, and we're all here to have fun. The spirit of a family is ubiquitous and bonds all members of the Xbox America community. The community's success depends on a mutual respect for one another. To this end, the following Code of Conduct exists to set the ground rules for participation within the Xbox America community.


Be considerate. We all want to be able to enjoy Xbox America unmolested. To make this a reality, everyone must always be considerate and respectful to others. Avoid being disruptive and avoid detracting from others' experiences.

Be tolerant. Not everyone is looking to get the same thing from their experience at Xbox America and not everyone is used to the same social customs as you. Xbox America is a diverse community and so it is important to respect others even when their demeanours might be irritating.

Flight before fight. Altercations are inevitable. Some people aren't willing to exhibit restraint when dealing with others over the internet. If you find yourself the victim of someone's abuse, don't seek retribution. Tell a moderator or block communications. Don't fight. If you fight back, you're equally culpable.

Stay on-topic. No one likes to have their thread hijacked and abused. Respect others' threads and try to remain conscious that they too are looking for a positive experience from Xbox America.

Obey the TOS. Everyone must obey the Terms of Service.


Penalties for violating the Code of Conduct vary. Usually the closing of a thread or a few stern words in a private message are all that is necessary. Occasionally when things get too nasty, moderators need to bring the big guns. Frequently or severely disruptive users may be temporarily suspended or banned. Our moderators are reviewed and all penal actions must be justified and then reviewed. We encourage our moderators to act as judiciously as possible. If you have any complaints, please notify us at staffreport [at] xboxamerica.com. For more information, visit Xbox America's moderation policy.