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Xbox 360 Games

Xbox 360 Games Threads
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New Dantes DLC up yet? Circus41,254

03/05/10 12:06 pm
by Mr Paul Spider

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Circus11,154

03/05/10 9:23 am
by CHASE1494

Mega Man 10 XBLA 2010 Krueger1428322,879

03/05/10 4:48 am
by Krueger1428

Borderlands DLC.....again!? Krueger1428402,938

03/04/10 5:46 pm
by Shock

Wet difficulty questions Circus182,187

03/04/10 10:05 am
by CHASE1494

Brutal Legend Help Durtie51,252

03/04/10 7:17 am
by CHASE1494

No More DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 StarRoadWarrior41,268

03/03/10 10:36 pm
by StarRoadWarrior

Question for someone who's beat Darksiders Circus162,305

03/03/10 12:55 am
by Circus

should i get it? reed0tuy0u41,208

03/02/10 5:22 pm
by AJ

Top 10 Games from TA Top Dogs 360575,001

03/02/10 12:24 pm
by A White Nite

Deadly Premonition Thoughts Circus182,391

03/01/10 5:21 pm
by Not a Valid User

COD BOOOOOST? This thread contains a pollJ0SH31,207

02/28/10 11:12 pm
by J0SH

Skate Reel Servers Closing March 1st/2010 kroberts11363,690

02/28/10 11:04 pm
by Stake

Help with The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom The Waffle Guy131,284

02/28/10 4:04 am
by The Waffle Guy

Whos pickin up Battlefield BC2 at midnight? Circus51,216

02/28/10 3:36 am
by Circus

Top Spin 2 Help chrisarcade21,159

02/27/10 12:34 pm
by chrisarcade

Looking for a game with a long campaign TCS Taeger193,318

02/27/10 9:14 am
by Daniel

Dante's Inferno Malebolge Help Durtie63,354

02/26/10 6:45 pm
by Recycled Human

Genesis XBLA Games BoyzRFlatt151,988

02/26/10 12:42 pm
by BoyzRFlatt

Was Sinclair in Bioshock 1? Circus41,476

02/25/10 7:11 am
by CHASE1494

Closed: Halo 3 vs Modern Warfare 2 This thread contains a pollJ0SH854,983

02/24/10 8:13 pm
by J0SH

CoD4 SmokedKAOS55941,625

02/24/10 8:37 am

Bioshock 2 Lag Circus152,663

02/24/10 8:03 am
by CHASE1494

Perfect Dark Achievements Bay41,350

02/24/10 12:00 am
by Sean

Fav MW2 classes?!!!! Mehlody131,652

02/23/10 8:47 am