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Privacy Statement

Xbox America cares about your privacy.

We will never rent, or sell your personally identifiable informations to third parties for marketing purposes.

We will not share your contact information with another user without your consent.

We will make a reasonable effort to secure your information in our databases with industry-standard technologies.

Information Collected


In order to become a member of Xbox America, you're required to provide us with a valid address, an identifying name ("username"), a password and an associated state of residence.


Xbox America allows you to personalize your experience through extensive preferences, and your profile. You may include information such as personal information like interests, location, online contact information, birthday, and accounts to other services such as Xbox Live, and games you've owned or played, as well as personal photos. Any information you place in your profile is publicly viewable by all users of Xbox America. All profile information may be deleted by you through the User Control Panel interface. Besides backup files, we do not maintain records of deleted or modified profile information.


You may choose to allow other Xbox America members e-mail you. Through the mechanism we provide, your e-mail address will not be revealed to other members. Instead, members are able to fill out a form and the web service sends the e-mail from our own servers. If you choose to reply without using the online form, your e-mail address may be revealed.


Xbox America maintains extensive logs that record the Internet Protocol (IP) address of all visitors, the pages viewed, database queries performed, and other analytical information. We use this information to improve our service. This is information is not shared with any other organization or company.


We may include advertisements on Xbox America for services or products we offer, as well as services and products offered by other companies. These advertisements may target specific sets of users, based on information they've provided to us. We do not use personally-identifying information to ad servers or agencies.

Information Use

Xbox America is a service which connects gamers, focusing on the social aspect. All the information you provide is intended to be used to encourage relationships between gamers. Any information that does not personally identify you may be used by Xbox America for any reason, in its sole discretion.

Xbox America may contact you through newsletters, emails or other promotional materials relating to the service. You may opt-out through the "Email Settings" or the "User Control Panel"

Information Sharing

We will never sell or rent your personally identifiable information to third parties for marketing purposes. If you instruct us to, your information may be presented to third-parties to carry out certain requests. Much of the information entered into Xbox America is meant for personalization, and as such as made publicly available. You may always delete this information from Xbox America's servers.

We may share your information with our subsidiaries or related websites and organizations. This sharing is always in response to a request, for example, logging into GamercardCreator.com allows for sharing of information between Xbox America and GamercardCreator.com.

Use of Cookies

Xbox America uses "cookies" for normal operation. A cookie is a small amount of data sent to your browser, which is stored and returned to the Web server every time you visit a page. If you have not logged in, the cookies do not identify you personally, and you can remain anonymous.

If you have logged in, the cookie links you to your account for the duration of your visit, afterwards the cookie information is no longer identifiable as yours. If you ask us to "remember you," we place a permanent cookie that holds a code that only our site can understand, which identifies you so that we may log you in automatically each time you visit our site.

If you do not wish to receive any cookies, you can set your browser to not accept them, but it will impede your ability to use Xbox America's services.