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Xbox 360 Games

Xbox 360 Games Threads
ThreadThread StarterRepliesViewsLast Post
Diablo III Confirmed For Xbox 360 FA Q MAN15985

06/07/13 10:32 pm
by Vermillion Haze

Frito Lay codes? DeWayne4911

06/06/13 8:53 am
by DeWayne

Guitar Hero Band Mates DeWayne0474

06/05/13 8:33 am
by DeWayne

Resident Evil: Revelations The Snapple Cap261,443

06/04/13 4:18 pm
by BeaverHunter

DMC: Devil May Cry (the reboot) The Snapple Cap482,033

05/18/13 10:45 am
by Vermillion Haze

Rainbow 6 Patriots BigZuDaddy292,003

05/17/13 8:37 pm
by BIGP 6

NBA 2k13 thread The Snapple Cap251,530

05/15/13 4:24 am
by Vermillion Haze

spec ops the line discussion/reactions thread The Snapple Cap3585

05/06/13 4:42 pm
by The Snapple Cap

Closed: Stranglehold/Quantum of Solace Mouth 4201672

05/03/13 2:43 am
by AJ

WHat was your Biggest Letdown Games? iLike Precision1024,682

05/01/13 1:44 am
by Vermillion Haze

poker night 2 The Snapple Cap131,292

04/27/13 1:04 am
by StarRoadWarrior

Dead or Alive 5 Zulwarn42012739

04/23/13 11:51 pm
by Vermillion Haze

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Meta4818

04/23/13 8:15 pm
by Vermillion Haze

The Official Assassin's Creed 3 Thread mcdevlin1821357,525

04/23/13 1:22 pm
by The Snapple Cap

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Grenade Rising131,650

03/31/13 11:31 am
by xSirSwish

Binary Domain: Reactions/Discussion Vermillion Haze131,043

03/25/13 6:14 pm
by Vermillion Haze

Naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 The Snapple Cap4639

03/17/13 12:02 am
by heathkilljoy

The Gears of War 3 Thread CIA Agent D1,02640,869

03/12/13 2:22 pm
by The Snapple Cap

Resident Evil 6 ReAl ImPuLsE984,543

03/09/13 2:14 am
by heathkilljoy

Crysis 3 thread. The Snapple Cap17862

02/24/13 11:59 pm
by The Snapple Cap

Xcom: Enemy Unknown R4WR SH4RK302,001

02/20/13 9:10 pm

Aliens: Colonial Marines The Snapple Cap502,343

02/20/13 12:50 am
by The Snapple Cap

Destiny ViDoc - Pathways Out of Darkness SigmaOmega38814

02/18/13 1:46 pm
by The Snapple Cap

Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds Decade Duels Thoughts/ Discussions Andranik251,857

02/15/13 10:03 pm
by Guns N Gravy

Halo 2 Vista Servers shutting ReAl ImPuLsE211,467

02/14/13 11:15 am
by Mo the Surfer