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Noah 9000

Personal Information
Join Date:Mar 15, 2008
BirthdayNovember 30th, 1985
Favorite GameFallout 3
Least Favorite GameKing Kong
Hardest AchievementNo Fear
Funniest AchievementHorse Puncher!
Occupation:Steel worker
Location:Steeler Country
Interests:Games, Football and Beer!
Biography:I hated that class
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Gamertag Info
GamertagNoah 9000
MottoRadically Irradiated
Girl acted like she never seen a 10 befo. ITS ALL ABOUT THE HAMILTONS, BABY
Noah 9000's Shoutbox
PureEvil x21 - 8 years ago


Chaind Insanity - 10 years ago

we miss you.

Wilson - 10 years ago

nice sig!

Mr Paul Spider - 10 years ago


PureEvil x21 - 10 years ago

Just dropping in to say hi.

PureEvil x21 - 10 years ago

I know you're not coming back, but I wanted to drop in to say you are not forgotten buddy.

Mr Paul Spider - 11 years ago

Just stopping by to say I miss you.

CIA Agent D - 11 years ago

Looks like your Steelers are back in the Super Bowl!

Mike93 - 11 years ago


- 11 years ago

My internet cut out. Someone must have tripped over the extension cord down at my internet provider.

PureEvil x21 - 11 years ago

Miss ya buddy..... :(

bonedaddy83 - 11 years ago

YOU"S A HOE!!!!!!

Meta - 11 years ago


Crustyhippy - 11 years ago


EnemyBritBomber - 11 years ago

i am setting up an event for turok online boosting if you are interested

Meta - 11 years ago

waaaaaaaaaaaaaa get internet you bastage aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

IRiSH - 11 years ago

Can't you get on XBA on your phone? Get some internets already ya bum!

Meta - 11 years ago


IRiSH - 12 years ago

I read where 2K announced more dlc for BioShock 2 coming next month. It's for single player mode but just a bunch of "protect the sister" scenarios with 7 more chievos. Looks like I can go ahead and use Rebirth. I guess they announced they also plan on releasing more story mode dlc down the road. Hit me up when you're back on Live.

AJ - 12 years ago

Hope you're back on soon, man! Take care.

AJ - 12 years ago

No way, games with unbearable camera angles just make me want to kill THE WORLD!

AJ - 12 years ago

Well, 400 points if you buy it from the arcade... But I think the arcade disc it's on is only 5 dollars and you get Uno and some other easy completions...

AJ - 12 years ago

So you'll play it then?

AJ - 12 years ago

I DARE you to try Pac-Man C.E., I completed it today! After about a year of having only 3 achieves in it, lol.

AJ - 12 years ago

Thanks for helping me complete CC again, biatch. I got my new tv in today - put in Fallout 3 and damn that bitch made Fallout look AMAZING. I really want NV RIGHT NOW.

- 12 years ago

Well now i'm home so you don't have to anymore.

Meta - 12 years ago

Yeah he married this kick-ass Filipino chick that sang for a psychedelic rock group. I was worried he'd get happy, fat and lazy but judging by HDA and the Tetsuo theme, he's still got the magic!

Meta - 12 years ago

have you heard Trent Reznor's new band with his wifey and Atticus Ross? check this link out, first part is a song from that band, HDA; second part is an awesome instrumental Reznor did for a japanese cyberpunk movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYWytKtjO2k&hd=1

AJ - 12 years ago

Get owned...

Adrian - 12 years ago

sorry man i gotta go to work in a hr, ill b on at 10:30