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This forum is for the talking of more sensitive topics, such as politics, spiritual beliefs and more. Please only participate if you can in a mature manner.

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02/14/20 06:58 PM by DeWayne
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06/17/16 11:25 AM by Bardfor

Following the lead of Xbox.com, this forum is to be used for political posts and debates exclusively. Absolutely no flame wars or personal attacks.

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11/11/16 12:18 AM by Meta
Off-Topic Threads
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my friends and i being idiots like always Hockeypuck554842

03/15/07 9:40 am
by Hockeypuck55

GRAW2 at Circuit City chachster8915

03/13/07 3:11 pm
by FrothyOmen

Happy Birthday Pastafarianism chachster91,009

03/09/07 3:22 pm
by Jackson

Favorite Band Greg302,308

03/08/07 12:19 am
by x JMB x

what to do at home when you are bored Hockeypuck556937

03/05/07 8:34 pm
by mack97

Hektic's 2 Deals of the Week Hektic Juggalo3842

03/05/07 12:50 pm
by Hektic Juggalo

NwN & My Laptop San Grial4978

03/05/07 11:09 am
by Hektic Juggalo

Happy B-Day Bopher1 Hockeypuck552774

03/04/07 5:32 pm
by Jackson

A bad day MarvelJunkies6936

03/02/07 8:44 pm
by San Grial

Where did you hear about Xbox America? Jackson151,247

02/26/07 6:08 pm
by alzapa

Hey Bl0odyvampire10918

02/26/07 3:11 pm
by FrothyOmen

Windows Hektic Juggalo5923

02/25/07 9:11 pm

Red vs. Blue Greg8870

02/25/07 8:49 pm

Snow Jackson181,810

02/25/07 5:49 pm
by US ARMY 101ST

I am leaving XBA! because......... alzapa4856

02/19/07 10:28 pm
by Jackson

MacBook Pro Jackson121,300

02/19/07 10:35 am
by Jackson

FedEx Shipment Tracking Jackson4998

02/17/07 8:59 am
by Jackson

Dating tips for gamers Hektic Juggalo4926

02/15/07 10:41 pm
by Dan2Ghost

Female gamers have more sex Hektic Juggalo4984

02/14/07 3:07 pm
by Hockeypuck55

Very Off-Topic mohazzam241,517

02/12/07 10:45 pm
by Jackson

New Computer Jackson111,570

02/10/07 9:05 pm
by alzapa

Happy B-Day Jed Hockeypuck553826

02/09/07 5:58 pm
by ukfan1444

Racism/Assholes ruining GoW! RetsaM316141,179

02/07/07 4:50 pm
by Dan2Ghost

Happy B-Day Hockeypuck55!!!!! Hockeypuck55171,564

02/07/07 11:41 am
by Dan2Ghost

Valentines' Day Jackson101,164

02/07/07 10:46 am
by Dan2Ghost