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This forum is for the talking of more sensitive topics, such as politics, spiritual beliefs and more. Please only participate if you can in a mature manner.

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02/14/20 06:58 PM by DeWayne
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06/17/16 11:25 AM by Bardfor

Following the lead of Xbox.com, this forum is to be used for political posts and debates exclusively. Absolutely no flame wars or personal attacks.

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11/11/16 12:18 AM by Meta
Off-Topic Threads
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What are you listening to right now? Thor iZ DiRTY7901

04/15/10 2:03 am
by Circus

Fighting Nerves Bullets Chase161,029

04/14/10 11:03 pm
by Crustyhippy

TED: Ideas worth spreading D3ADLYKILL3R0634

04/14/10 7:12 pm

flash forward Noah 9000151,588

04/14/10 1:51 am
by Circus

How to make your own sig Super Hyper X14894

04/13/10 2:29 pm
by AJ

Closed: End of Discussion Not a Valid User281,457

04/12/10 2:02 pm
by SetsunaFSeiei

Mission Accomplished!!! IO IW IN xAG3x281,618

04/12/10 11:24 am
by AJ

Signature Creating Competition x Brie Bear x683,358

04/12/10 12:33 am
by Super Hyper X

Closed: why did they SmokedKAOS55910817

04/10/10 5:18 pm
by SmokedKAOS559

If you marry an Alabama girl! (Joke) o00oRICHARDo00o93,728

04/09/10 9:52 pm
by bonedaddy83

modern warfare 2 clan goofyanaheim133652

04/09/10 4:25 pm
by goofyanaheim13

Favorite car TwoAcesUp482,394

04/08/10 10:52 pm
by ImMadeOfMoney

How to handle a husband. (Joke) o00oRICHARDo00o0690

04/08/10 9:29 am
by o00oRICHARDo00o

Has anyone gotten an iPad? GoingPostal000793,300

04/08/10 8:45 am
by Chaind Insanity

I'm back... Dvader838837

04/08/10 8:37 am
by bonedaddy83

What's going on here... Grenade Rising2653

04/07/10 11:10 pm
by Grenade Rising

Potato Tummy, told me to make a sig Junior91,530

04/07/10 9:17 pm
by Daniel

1 thread per game? This thread contains a pollNoah 9000421,979

04/07/10 1:55 am
by Circus

good bands no one has heard of SmokedKAOS5599731

04/06/10 1:06 pm
by SmokedKAOS559

Your favorite places to eat Darth Rankine572,579

04/06/10 5:53 am
by Melissa Evol

Any other handicapped gamers here? Mikey4696

04/05/10 7:46 pm
by Mikey

Easter Egg hunt Super Hyper X12870

04/04/10 8:01 pm
by angeezy

April Fools ShadowMachine X171,367

04/04/10 3:48 am
by ShadowMachine X

Closed: i'm a gangster SmokedKAOS559241,456

04/02/10 5:56 pm
by mr van77

What's YOUR stripper name? Andranik191,317

04/02/10 5:28 pm
by Durtie