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This forum is for the talking of more sensitive topics, such as politics, spiritual beliefs and more. Please only participate if you can in a mature manner.

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02/14/20 06:58 PM by DeWayne
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06/17/16 11:25 AM by Bardfor

Following the lead of Xbox.com, this forum is to be used for political posts and debates exclusively. Absolutely no flame wars or personal attacks.

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11/11/16 12:18 AM by Meta
Off-Topic Threads
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Gold PS3 for $5,000!?? KNTLxXxJ0K3R171,294

12/16/09 11:39 pm
by Nemesis Mask

The world's hardest game. KNTLxXxJ0K3R201,917

12/16/09 11:34 pm
by AJ

DRAGONBALL Z! Greg1785,934

12/16/09 10:20 pm
by Super Hyper X

Christmas Light Hero BoyzRFlatt10845

12/16/09 9:55 pm
by BoyzRFlatt

Air Force 1 PhatCodyLee51022,723

12/15/09 6:41 am

Soon to be spectacled OrphanMakrBebop9838

12/10/09 9:16 pm
by Detroit

Google Wave xxx kiro xxxx341,787

12/09/09 1:38 pm

New Topic for Xbox America. KNTLxXxJ0K3R171,380

12/09/09 8:49 am
by Durtie

Great Scott!! RepoMan Mike10855

12/08/09 7:11 pm
by RepoMan Mike

This day in history BoyzRFlatt111,007

12/08/09 5:18 pm
by IRiSH

clipnabbers.com RepoMan Mike131,329

12/08/09 4:22 pm
by RepoMan Mike

What are YOU doing for the holidays this year? BoyzRFlatt181,048

12/08/09 12:56 pm
by The Waffle Guy

HOLY *Bleep* Mr Paul Spider131,011

12/07/09 8:59 pm
by ImMadeOfMoney

Happy Holidays Blackmagic16181,417

12/06/09 10:34 am
by Taco

Chat Quote Thread Taco191,541

12/05/09 10:22 pm
by Melissa Evol

XBA User-Pairings Sean1013,781

12/02/09 1:05 am
by Shock

Its Offical this time: we're #1 CrooklynMayo14829

11/30/09 12:57 am
by CrooklynMayo

So what did you buy for Black Friday? Junior442,199

11/29/09 5:28 pm
by orange20

putting pictures in a post BoyzRFlatt151,356

11/28/09 6:57 pm
by Bubbles

Crazy Girlfriend Smashes Boyfriend's Xbox 360 ReAl ImPuLsE252,049

11/26/09 7:31 pm
by Legendary Hoax

iPhone Users Only AJ5668

11/25/09 9:31 pm
by AJ

Strange Coincidence SkinsDP5373684

11/24/09 11:06 pm
by Biscuit

HEY!!!!! Greg201,353

11/24/09 6:28 pm
by Greg

What would you put in it??? AJ6729

11/23/09 3:40 pm
by Biscuit

Some A/V help Her0 0f Hyrule21985

11/22/09 11:09 pm
by orange20