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This forum is for the talking of more sensitive topics, such as politics, spiritual beliefs and more. Please only participate if you can in a mature manner.

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02/14/20 06:58 PM by DeWayne
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19 43638 Word Association volume 13
06/17/16 11:25 AM by Bardfor

Following the lead of Xbox.com, this forum is to be used for political posts and debates exclusively. Absolutely no flame wars or personal attacks.

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11/11/16 12:18 AM by Meta
Off-Topic Threads
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Meet... The Waffles Lord Aldemar151,326

07/11/10 12:57 pm
by Meta

Online Sex Tape? Junior251,912

07/08/10 1:43 pm
by Crustyhippy

Birthday Help APOPHIS1989241,325

07/08/10 12:53 pm
by Meta

JuniorMTs 2008 CSRT4 vs LittleMTs 2011 Camaro SS Junior191,293

07/07/10 10:47 am
by AJ

Hey Pinnacle... F U Frazzleberry1674

07/06/10 11:57 pm
by AJ

Happy 4th of July ReAl ImPuLsE14757

07/05/10 12:19 am
by Circus

So Can I Get Any Support?! iKidd181,427

07/04/10 7:42 pm
by AJ

I'm in the club :D Greg81,045

07/04/10 7:25 pm
by Greg

so... uhhh Endless7851

07/04/10 5:04 pm
by Circus

My Parents New 2011 Camaro SS Junior254,995

07/02/10 11:24 pm
by Ashley

Techno Songs for My Birthday Party x Brie Bear x151,335

07/01/10 5:51 pm
by Endless

Closed: 5 Day Login Streak MR Black GX4885

06/30/10 1:51 am
by iKidd

Check out this remote. AJ371,758

06/28/10 1:03 pm
by Melissa Evol

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIE! kroberts11321,823

06/26/10 4:03 am
by Dvader83

Scary Urban Legend Stories BigZuDaddy91,144

06/25/10 11:01 am
by Mo the Surfer

im getting a 1600 microsoft points card mattd4112883

06/24/10 4:41 pm
by Bay

What really bothers me! Cheaters Muppets Rule1034,009

06/24/10 1:32 am
by Muppets Rule

My New Mw2 Montage DRiizY161,355

06/23/10 7:48 pm
by Crustyhippy

Found a cool website HardcoreSSG7179910

06/23/10 11:31 am
by Revelation1318

How am I at making sigs? dandude169511957

06/21/10 1:15 pm
by dandude1695

What do you say when... Junior151,182

06/20/10 12:35 pm
by iKhaotic

Anagrams in Video Games Revelation1318302,078

06/14/10 7:20 pm
by Super Hyper X

No More Lego Games Please. But Make these instead! Junior151,454

06/12/10 1:09 pm
by Super Hyper X

My parents got some goodies installed on their 06GTO Junior9915

06/12/10 12:55 pm
by kroberts11

Im SO excited! angrymoo101,477

06/12/10 5:41 am
by angrymoo