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Join Date:Dec 1, 2006
BirthdayMay 31st
MSN Messenger:decostafam@adelphia.net
Interests:Bowling, Paintball, Airsoft
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Burnt Waffle
Burnt Waffle

This user has achieved a gamerscore of 25,000 or higher.


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FrothyOmen's Shoutbox
Crusified Ninja - 16 years ago

Nice. Mushroom Head XD

FrothyOmen - 17 years ago

aww, it got cut off. It's funny, it says that I was "Laughing with glee" while I was playing. I was doing anything BUT laughing... =P

FrothyOmen - 17 years ago

FrothyOmen really threw down yesterday. It was good to see! I wish you could have been there! Last time I checked, his gamer score is 7225. That is a profit of 10 points over last time! He opened up Texas Hold'em, Crackdown adding 1 achievement, Gears of

FrothyOmen - 17 years ago

http://media.putfile.com/sigh-39 Watch at your own risk. I hate assholes on XBL so much. And they say that I should be banned!?!?! FUCK them. Sorry for the language Pasta/Z, I need to vent.

FrothyOmen - 17 years ago

Lolol it's been 81 days since my last comment. Commenting myself again whoooooooo!

FrothyOmen - 17 years ago

Commenting myself. WHEEEE.

Hockeypuck55 - 17 years ago

welcome dude