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San Grial

Personal Information
Join Date:Jul 10, 2006
BirthdayJanuary 25th
Wii Friend Code:4875 2328 5989 3248
PlayStation Network:Volition
Occupation:DJ / Customer Service
Location:Kettering, OH
Interests:Music Fanatic / All Video Game Platforms
Biography:Father of 2 / Husband of 1
San Grial's Awards
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Gamertag Info
GamertagSan Grial
MottoThe Holy Grail
San Grial's Shoutbox
San Grial - 10 years ago

Wasn't this Xbox Ohio at one point?

San Grial - 10 years ago

Wow, I forgot all about this website, lol.

San Grial - 16 years ago

Can't stop humming the fraggle rock theme now, grr....

Meta - 16 years ago

C'mon, you know you love buying your 80's memories back in new wrappers!

- 16 years ago

welcome back

San Grial - 16 years ago

Back in the mix again...

Jackson - 17 years ago

Where've you been hiding? It's been awhile.

Jackson - 17 years ago


San Grial - 17 years ago

My ears...shhh..I'm hunting wabbitt..okay so maybe they are Locust, but let's just call them my lil' wabbitt'ssss...

mack97 - 17 years ago


San Grial - 17 years ago

Nobody Loves Me. It's been 27 days and 3 hours since someone shouted at me! :(

Hockeypuck55 - 17 years ago

lookin good san

Jackson - 17 years ago


zoboa - 17 years ago


San Grial - 17 years ago

LOL, yes, that is good ol' JT! My wife made me download the free stuff the other day, as she loves that new Alpha Dog movie. It was worth the sacrice, let me tell you, LOL!

MOZ9047 - 18 years ago

is that justin timberlake?

Jackson - 18 years ago

Yea, they're not the best way to communicate... but a lot of people like them.

zoboa - 18 years ago

A place to leave messages for some to give them a shout out. I think its popular on places like My Space and other sites like that.

San Grial - 18 years ago

Okay, what the heck is this Shoutbox?