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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - the best Creed yet Meta63,167

01/17/14 4:45 am
by Meta

Send me yo shit (not literally)! AJ152,255

01/01/14 3:23 am
by Dvader83

Vote for the Worst 360 Game of the Year! This thread contains a pollMoo Lissa514,279

12/31/13 1:07 am
by Moo Lissa

Adventure Time: Make a Retail Release out of an XBLA Game Because I Don't Know! Moo Lissa154,121

12/20/13 7:50 pm
by Mudkip

XCOM: Enemy Within - strategic excellence Meta223,661

12/09/13 8:08 pm
by Vermillion Haze

Closed: XBA's First Community Roast! The Crapple Snap AJ1147,502

12/02/13 11:42 pm
by Mudkip

His Name... Is Chuckles... November's Community Spotlight AJ423,479

11/18/13 1:12 pm
by CletusBojangles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - (too?) simplistic beat em up Meta133,472

11/10/13 9:35 am
by DeWayne

Daylight Saving Time: Fact? ...or MURDERAPE!!1 Meta183,577

11/05/13 4:47 am
by Kimberly cx

Diablo III - even better on 360 Meta62,376

10/17/13 1:05 pm
by kroberts11

Roastacular with Stupidface Meta! AJ453,479

10/15/13 3:01 pm
by Daniel

Ride to Hell: Retribution - glitchy, clunky, bad Meta22,990

09/30/13 12:47 am
by The Snapple Cap

Some 3 Letter Name... September's Community Spotlight AJ182,747

09/22/13 1:49 am
by Wilson

quick & dirty look: Rayman Legends Meta32,102

09/13/13 2:03 pm
by The Snapple Cap

Killer is Dead - another fun Suda51 trip Meta22,891

09/10/13 8:06 am
by Vermillion Haze

Saints Row IV - great story, but too similar to 3? Meta194,109

09/08/13 9:16 am
by Moo Lissa

Deadpool - wacky, fun, too short Meta82,677

09/04/13 9:36 pm
by TK Chillin

Breaking a Benjamin Heaven In Vain162,786

09/01/13 4:33 am
by Repo Man 360

Stop Choking Everyone!!! July's Community Spotlight AJ172,588

07/11/13 11:20 pm
by Hydrocannon

Digital Distribution and Used Games, The Good, The Bad and the Unrelated Minioger142,717

06/17/13 7:28 pm
by Mo the Surfer

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review Vermillion Haze154,390

06/04/13 2:20 pm
by Vermillion Haze

Infinite Undiscovery Review Vermillion Haze132,372

06/02/13 9:45 am
by Mo the Surfer

The Last Remnant Review Vermillion Haze102,529

05/28/13 3:11 pm
by Meta

Lost Odyssey Review Vermillion Haze212,952

05/27/13 4:06 pm
by Vermillion Haze

Sacred Citadel -- a fun RPG-lite beat 'em up Meta53,065

05/18/13 10:11 am
by DeWayne