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Metro 2033 Review! Junior124,870

03/23/10 4:13 pm
by AJ

Super Hyper X's Review for Naruto Rise of a Ninja Super Hyper X55,679

03/22/10 4:13 pm
by Super Hyper X

Game Makers Strike Back at Used Game Market Durtie393,965

03/22/10 1:35 pm
by chrisarcade

Flashback Review: Prey Super Hyper X112,736

03/21/10 10:31 pm
by Mad Villainy

January Community Spotlight: Minioger Hektic Juggalo233,397

03/17/10 11:37 pm
by AJ

Preview: Splinter Cell - Conviction zoboa92,411

03/15/10 8:50 pm
by iKhaotic

Braid Review Super Hyper X102,021

03/15/10 11:56 am
by Top Dogs 360

Super Hyper X's review for DOOM Super Hyper X142,199

03/11/10 1:34 am
by Super Hyper X

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce SetsunaFSeiei32,642

03/10/10 6:29 pm
by SetsunaFSeiei

Ikaruga Review Super Hyper X31,927

03/09/10 1:52 pm
by iKhaotic

Resident Evil 5 DLC (Now with Invisible Achievements!) ErmacVersion143,321

03/06/10 6:06 pm
by chrisarcade

Gunstar Heroes XBLA Review Super Hyper X62,425

03/05/10 6:25 pm
by Super Hyper X

March Community Spotlight: Hail to the Chief! It's Jackson Meta324,206

03/02/10 8:06 pm
by Noah 9000

Blacklight: Tango Down Not a Valid User22,342

03/02/10 7:55 pm
by Not a Valid User

The 2nd XBA Game of the Year Awards - The Results Are In! Aidan 122,212

03/01/10 11:06 pm
by Mudkip

Updated info on Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Hydrocannon84,491

02/28/10 10:06 pm
by Circus

Rumor - Killer Instinct coming to XBLA Not a Valid User34,513

02/28/10 9:23 am
by Meta

Chaotic: Shadow Warriors Meta06,296

02/27/10 12:28 pm
by Meta

The 2nd XBA Game of the Year Awards - Vote for the Winners! Aidan 81,895

02/24/10 10:59 pm
by Mudkip

DLC Review: Lost In Nightmares (Resident Evil 5) SetsunaFSeiei34,083

02/19/10 4:17 am
by Mr Paul Spider

The 2nd XBA Game of the Year Awards - Vote for Your Nominees! Aidan 333,917

02/14/10 7:21 pm
by Mudkip

Darksiders Meta47,192

02/10/10 12:17 pm
by IO IW IN xAG3x

February Community Spotlight: WTF?! Pirates?! AJ524,498

02/09/10 2:48 pm
by Taco

EA skate. Game Review Grenade Rising32,120

02/06/10 1:29 pm
by Grenade Rising

Devil May Cry 4 Review SetsunaFSeiei41,994

02/04/10 5:55 pm
by AJ