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Personal Information
Join Date:Jun 24, 2011
BirthdayJanuary 13th, 1988
Favorite GameBorderlands/Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Least Favorite GameFusion Frenzy 2
PlayStation Network:ashleyj1988
Occupation:Pet Care Specialist
Location:Douglasville, Georgia
Interests:Gaming, music, shopping
Ashley's Awards
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Discussion Sparker

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Miscellaneous Service
Miscellaneous Service

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Gamertag Info
Check out Xboxhounds.com for xbox competitions, forums, prizes, and more! Say Ashley sent ya ;P
Ashley's Shoutbox
Meta - 10 years ago

heya little lady, how ya been? what've ye been up to?

Meta - 11 years ago

Let me know if you want any help with RB2 stuff, I always need an excuse to play RB games.

Vermillion Haze - 11 years ago

Fire Emblem Awakening is the ****. Long live Avatar + Cherche

PureEvil x21 - 11 years ago

Happy Birfdai!!

ShadowMachine X - 11 years ago

Happy Birthday!!!

Mo the Surfer - 11 years ago

Happy Birthday!!!

BillJones0302 - 11 years ago

Happy Birthday!!!

DeafeningLime - 11 years ago

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Johnny Broflex - 11 years ago

Happy Birthday Ash!!

Mindy - 11 years ago

Happy Birthday!

TK Chillin - 11 years ago

I keep missing that Forza deal. If ya gonna sell please give me a shot at it. Thanks!!!

Meta - 11 years ago

Liked the Comic Con pic on Fb, good luck!!

lll PAPOOSE lll - 11 years ago

greeeeeeeeeeeeeat thinking of changing my name back to PAPOOSE

lll PAPOOSE lll - 11 years ago

hi ashley how've you been?

The Snapple Cap - 11 years ago

if you're around best buy at some point i would <3 you forever if you got me a season pass :D

R4WR SH4RK - 11 years ago

Aw well phooey on that... 2 of my buddies have it on ps3 as well. Curses!

R4WR SH4RK - 11 years ago

are you getting Borderland 2 at some point?

R4WR SH4RK - 11 years ago

Love the gamertag lol mind if I add you on xbl?

Moo Lissa - 11 years ago

How long does the tru 2 for 60 thing run? I want gaemz but I'm broke til Friday. :(

lll PAPOOSE lll - 12 years ago

been good :D

lll PAPOOSE lll - 12 years ago

hows it going?

lll PAPOOSE lll - 12 years ago


Meta - 12 years ago

whee good to see you back posting again

AJ - 12 years ago

Whoa..... You're b-day was a day after mine? Happy late b-day, lol.

DeafeningLime - 12 years ago

Not too bad, how about you?

- 12 years ago

Happy Birthday!

PureEvil x21 - 12 years ago

Happy Birthday

Meta - 12 years ago


jpgorajec91 - 12 years ago


DeafeningLime - 12 years ago

Happy Birthday!