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Join Date:Dec 14, 2005
BirthdayNovember 6th
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Writer - GamingNexus.com
zoboa's Shoutbox
Crustyhippy - 14 years ago

Everytime I used to see your name on the forum I used to think of my dog Zoey. We always call her "Zo-Bo". By any chance are you a dog?

zoboa - 14 years ago

lol I pop in from time to time

AJ - 14 years ago

Come back!

celticfann11 - 15 years ago

why don't you post on here anymore?

Xc Livewire cX - 16 years ago

merry holidays!!

TK Chillin - 16 years ago

Good luck!!!

megan - 16 years ago

z when are you going to get Gears 2 so everyone can kill you--wait.. your xbox is going to malfunction if you play because according to your xbox 360v it's deprived..

El Gallinero14 - 16 years ago

got the package today, Thanks Z

theEVOL1 - 16 years ago

Happy birthday dude! Go Bucks!

TK Chillin - 16 years ago

Ace Combat 6 tomorrow morning....say around 10ish. or not!!! LOL!!!

- 16 years ago

360 sends emails wow lol

megan - 16 years ago

your xbox 360 voice is hurt, pay attention to it! lol.

- 16 years ago


mellowdaddee - 16 years ago

Hey are you an administrator for this site? If so I am having trouble submitting articles. It won't let me do it. Am I banned from submitting because I put a link to my personal blog in one of my articles...If so I wasn't aware that I couldn't. If you are

Taco - 16 years ago

haaaai zoboa :P

- 16 years ago

Hi Z

III Y2Quake III - 16 years ago

hey what up i was wondering when are you guys are going to make a R6V2 tournament? later.

oVo CaVeMaN oVo - 17 years ago

hey how do i get the xbox america state ranking gamercard im new to this site plz help

TK Chillin - 17 years ago

I am going to start playing AC6 every Sat. mornings if your interested. Watch your six!!!

PuNiShEr IV - 17 years ago

Thank you very much and have a great birthday, have fun don't drink... to much

I iMuff I - 17 years ago


CrooklynMayo - 17 years ago

when do you think you can be on so I can wrap up this review. Can't find people playing the game. Didn't like too much frustrated me but your hear in the review

Random Hero - 17 years ago

Go Bucks

FrothyOmen - 17 years ago

Submitted a new News thing for you. Wanna edit in the photos and publish por favor? <3

HouseMDfan - 17 years ago


Crusified Ninja - 17 years ago

<333333 Teh new gamerpic mane

O STATE KING 7 - 17 years ago

doubt that

CrooklynMayo - 17 years ago

Hey man I keep trying to add the link to my myspace page but it doesn't show up when I do it. Is something I'm doing wrong?

zoboa - 17 years ago

no, KORN ;)

bonezthemonkey - 17 years ago