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Xbox News

Xbox News Threads
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XBLA Wednesday: Interpol Hektic Juggalo71,673

01/08/09 10:41 am
by Repo Man 360

Rock Band Releases for the Month of January Hektic Juggalo51,600

01/06/09 5:23 pm
by Aidan

R.I.P. Original Xbox Hektic Juggalo102,066

01/06/09 1:54 am
by Repo Man 360

XBA/360 Voice end of year wrap up!! CrooklynMayo222,447

01/04/09 1:35 pm
by Shockwave

Lord of the Rings: Conquest Demo Now Available Nemesis Mask7822

01/03/09 4:34 pm
by Noah 9000

Left 4 Dead DLC: Coming... Soon Illuminatus Obscurus141,909

01/02/09 3:52 pm
by Nemesis Mask

Castle Crashers Finally Gets its Patch! Shockwave272,521

12/27/08 12:54 am
by Illuminatus Obscurus

Avatars in Style Hektic Juggalo303,351

12/25/08 11:45 am
by iKidd

Puzzle Arcade Drops Christmas Eve Hektic Juggalo121,626

12/24/08 5:16 pm
by Raine

Guitar Hero: World Tour Rock & Reggae Hektic Juggalo102,040

12/23/08 7:58 pm
by AaronTWright

Halo: CE Holiday Deal Hektic Juggalo81,549

12/23/08 7:54 pm
by Raine

Fable 2 DLC Falls back to 2009 Hektic Juggalo101,751

12/21/08 5:11 pm
by Illuminatus Obscurus

Mercenaries 2 DLC Now Available Hektic Juggalo71,893

12/21/08 11:34 am
by buffalo

Dash of Destruction Dominates Xbox Live Jackson213,739

12/21/08 1:15 am
by iKidd

Dash Of Destruction Free on XBLA Hektic Juggalo272,502

12/18/08 10:32 pm
by zombie dork

Mirror's Edge Demo Unlocked Hektic Juggalo61,617

12/17/08 12:54 pm
by iKidd

Gears of War 2 "Combustible" Map Pack Launched Late Last Night Hektic Juggalo162,542

12/15/08 3:57 pm
by Epic Lou

Sonic Unleashed Demo Hit the Marketplace Hektic Juggalo71,844

12/14/08 2:18 am
by Xc Livewire cX

Guitar Hero: Metallica ANNOUNCED! Warlord Luthias474,430

12/14/08 1:11 am
by Greg

Halo Wars Release Date Announced Hektic Juggalo61,550

12/13/08 10:20 pm
by Taco

Two new original Xbox games Shockwave61,585

12/12/08 9:14 pm
by Xc Livewire cX

Fallout 3 'Operation Anchorage' DLC Info Hektic Juggalo32,534

12/12/08 5:53 pm
by Illuminatus Obscurus

Valve Releases Left 4 Dead Anti-Cheat Fix Shockwave21,485

12/11/08 7:35 pm
by Illuminatus Obscurus

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday Hektic Juggalo51,735

12/10/08 5:25 pm
by Xc Livewire cX

NinjaBee announces A Kingdom of Keflings for XBLA zoboa242,323

12/09/08 8:21 pm
by Taco