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Xbox News Threads
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Rock Band DLC 12/9 Aidan 01,195

12/08/08 3:58 pm
by Aidan

Mirror's Edge DLC Dated Hektic Juggalo11,143

12/08/08 12:49 pm
by Noah 9000

Lips Mics to be Compatible with Rock Band Hektic Juggalo01,194

12/08/08 11:22 am
by Hektic Juggalo

Marble Blast Ultra DLC Greg01,331

12/07/08 6:00 pm
by Greg

Stoked Release Date Announced Hektic Juggalo21,737

12/06/08 10:18 am
by Xc Livewire cX

Microsoft Confirms Internal Memory for Arcade SKU Hektic Juggalo162,134

12/06/08 9:50 am
by Taco

Rock Band DLC 12/2 Aidan 111,665

12/05/08 1:06 pm
by Meta

PC Title The Witcher Set to Hit 360 Hektic Juggalo101,751

12/05/08 9:51 am
by Noah 9000

Vigilante 8 "High Octane" DLC Now Available Hektic Juggalo01,502

12/05/08 8:22 am
by Hektic Juggalo

Lips Brings the Holiday Cheer to Your Living Room Hektic Juggalo01,112

12/05/08 8:04 am
by Hektic Juggalo

Atari Next With An XBLA Compilation Disc Hektic Juggalo31,458

12/04/08 7:01 pm
by Raine

Interpol for XBLA announced zoboa141,408

12/03/08 7:50 pm
by Xc Livewire cX

Microsoft Giving Gamers a Holiday "Deal Of The Week" Hektic Juggalo01,175

12/03/08 8:15 am
by Hektic Juggalo

Rockstar Social Club: Rockstar Devs Head Online Hektic Juggalo01,401

12/03/08 8:07 am
by Hektic Juggalo

New Lips DLC Hektic Juggalo282,215

12/03/08 1:15 am
by Repo Man 360

Two milestones for XBA/360 VOICE CrooklynMayo352,982

12/01/08 10:11 pm
by Taco

Xbox 360 Outsells Original Xbox Hektic Juggalo71,785

11/29/08 7:50 pm
by Scarface1

Bethesda Announces ton of Falout 3 DLC Hektic Juggalo162,523

11/29/08 7:46 pm
by Hektic Juggalo

Skate 2 Releasing in January Hektic Juggalo41,615

11/28/08 4:00 pm
by Taco

The Last Remnant DLC Releasing in December Hektic Juggalo11,358

11/28/08 6:48 am
by Raine

XBLA Wednesday Reminder Hektic Juggalo41,261

11/26/08 7:23 pm
by Scarface1

Street Fighter gets its own little place on NXE zoboa91,830

11/24/08 8:43 pm
by El Gallinero14

Congrats to XBA/360 voice on a job well done!! CrooklynMayo192,272

11/23/08 4:35 pm
by Raine

GTA IV Xbox 360 DLC Announced and Dated zoboa41,868

11/21/08 9:48 pm
by Taco

Lips Hit Yesterday, DLC starts Tomorrow zoboa41,568

11/21/08 3:30 pm
by Jake51S