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Xbox News Threads
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XBLA This Week - February 3rd SetsunaFSeiei11,409

02/02/10 1:57 pm
by AJ

Battleblock Theater Coming to XBLA Not a Valid User01,851

02/02/10 1:40 pm
by Not a Valid User

Dante's Inferno Trials of Lucia Not a Valid User01,498

02/02/10 1:39 pm
by Not a Valid User

Platinum Games Unveils "Vanquish" Not a Valid User01,484

02/02/10 1:37 pm
by Not a Valid User

Reminder: Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Drops Feb 2nd. Not a Valid User91,375

02/02/10 9:44 am
by Mudkip

Bungie kills Natal Halo Reach Rumors Not a Valid User162,264

02/01/10 4:20 pm
by Crustyhippy

No More Heroes - Is there no hope for a US release SetsunaFSeiei141,451

02/01/10 12:46 am
by JieXY

Rock Band Gets More Country Next Week KnuckPuck11,219

01/31/10 10:23 pm
by Xitl

BioWare Plans to Reveal New Games at E3 2010 Not a Valid User11,816

01/31/10 6:41 pm
by ubertrance

Trying for NBA Live 07 1000 people online again. PureEvil x211488,099

01/31/10 6:04 pm

Borderlands DLC Disc Coming Soon SetsunaFSeiei72,288

01/30/10 2:48 pm
by Shock

Fable III to be official at X10 Not a Valid User121,772

01/30/10 2:33 pm
by Melissa Evol

Dantes Inferno "Dark Forest" DLC will be released. Not a Valid User31,720

01/30/10 2:31 pm
by Bovice63

A World of Keflings announce for XBLA Not a Valid User31,900

01/30/10 8:29 am
by Minioger

Record of Agarest War Coming to the US & LE Details SetsunaFSeiei212,949

01/30/10 2:34 am
by SetsunaFSeiei

Avatars to get new Features? Not a Valid User51,387

01/30/10 12:03 am
by Warzonepunk

Final Fantasy 13 Will have DLC Shock72,657

01/29/10 5:18 pm
by ImpureKing44

Ubisoft - DRM "You have to be online to Play." Not a Valid User131,715

01/29/10 11:59 am
by AJ

After Burner Climax announced for XBLA Not a Valid User21,346

01/29/10 5:10 am
by Meta

Burton Avatar Gear now available Mr Paul Spider63,732

01/29/10 12:23 am
by Mr Paul Spider

MX vs ATV Reflex and Limited Edition ACII Ezio Avatar Gear Mr Paul Spider85,027

01/28/10 10:49 pm
by AJ

Dead Rising 2 has homemade weapons Not a Valid User23,913

01/28/10 5:50 pm
by Mudkip

ACII Battle of Forli Out Nick91,528

01/28/10 4:08 pm
by ReAl ImPuLsE

Lost Planet 2 - May 18th 2010 Muppets Rule21,378

01/27/10 3:07 am
by Big Mike

Capcom to Announce an Xbox 360 Exclusive Not a Valid User353,641

01/26/10 4:03 pm
by Shock