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Full Game - Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

RepoMan Mike

Personal Information
Join Date:Oct 21, 2009
BirthdaySeptember 18th, 1992
Favorite GameCOD
Least Favorite Gameer... im not sure
Hardest Achievementill try to remember
Funniest Achievementill try to remember this one too
Location:City of Fallen Angels where the ocean meets the sand
Interests:gaming, music, theatre
Biography:"Ive had this birthmark since i was born 'Tenac'" "i has ass mark too 'acious D'"
RepoMan Mike's Awards
Burnt Waffle
Burnt Waffle

This user has achieved a gamerscore of 25,000 or higher.

Bronze Waffle
Bronze Waffle

This user has achieved a gamerscore of 50,000 or higher.

360Voice Group
360Voice Group

This user is a member of Xbox America's group on 360Voice.com.

It Defines Me
It Defines Me

This user mentioned Xbox America in his Xbox Live biography.


This user introduced himself or herself in the Introduce Yourself forum.


This user used the Xbox America search bar.

Gamercard Lover
Gamercard Lover

This user has posted one of his or her official Xbox America gamercards on another website.

Gamertag Info
GamertagxAnbu Warrior
MottoZydrate Addict
Peace is a lie, There is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. And the Force shall free me. -Code of the Sith. Check out xboxamerica.com say i refereed you.
RepoMan Mike's Shoutbox
Mike G - 12 years ago

Gears 1 dlc is free

DeafeningLime - 13 years ago

Happy Birthday!

- 13 years ago

Happy Birthday!

Meta - 13 years ago

mothafuggin RAMBO REPO happy birthday broslice, i hope you're doing something fun!!

Mo the Surfer - 13 years ago

Happy Birthday!!!

BillJones0302 - 13 years ago

Happy Birthday!

Ashley - 13 years ago

Hey I play LoL! I'll have to add ya once my update is done and I get home later!

- 15 years ago

but, we can play whenever you want, like team death or whatever, you can experience exactly how beast i am! lol

- 15 years ago

no thanks, not yet, im not doing any 1v1s till i get to lvl 70, so when i get there we can do it for sure though.

AJ - 15 years ago

Yea, some people don't really like when people just talk off topic in threads, although I don't see a problem with it when someone new is just learning about the site or the conversation is going well.

AJ - 15 years ago

The promotions as you called it go by the number of posts here you have on the site. If you go to the members tab on the top right of the any page on XbA you can see about where the cut offs for each user title are. I wrote this here cause I don't want to spam the trade in center thread anymore, lol.