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Cell Phone Tweeks Hektic Juggalo21,242

11/19/07 6:09 pm
by Hektic Juggalo

COD4 Hektic Juggalo71,258

11/17/07 9:57 pm
by Tehmuffinator

Creepy Hektic Juggalo91,084

11/16/07 8:07 am
by CrooklynMayo

Free Finger Eleven Concert-Live Marketplace Bozric5946

11/06/07 9:55 pm
by PuNiShEr IV

One more achievement... HouseMDfan51,100

11/06/07 5:35 pm
by HouseMDfan

why is live so full of a holes? AngloSaxton181,823

11/05/07 10:27 pm
by Detreth

I\'m Baaaack Hektic Juggalo81,152

11/02/07 9:57 pm
by Detreth

Timeshift!! bonezthemonkey61,164

11/02/07 7:49 pm
by Tehmuffinator

The wait is almost over.. zoboa81,004

10/26/07 12:37 pm

Finally Gotten Scared By A Game... HouseMDfan221,920

10/25/07 6:13 pm
by Warlord Luthias

HouseMDfan Reporting from Cyrodiil HouseMDfan7904

10/25/07 3:10 pm
by HouseMDfan

CaptainMayhem88s Halo 3 Review Mudkip2935

10/23/07 9:53 pm
by bonezthemonkey

Some good stuff on the horizon... zoboa211,768

10/19/07 6:58 pm
by bonezthemonkey

keeping your 360 cool...... SAILOR4985

10/18/07 7:13 pm
by Detreth

halo 3 bull Detreth271,759

10/18/07 3:12 pm
by Detreth

EXP Loss Jackson172,136

10/17/07 7:57 pm
by bonezthemonkey

October: The forgotten month of releases? HochulisPythons151,378

10/13/07 3:28 am
by Warlord Luthias

WHEN THE SWEAT DRIPS OFF MY . . . Crusified Ninja361,918

10/07/07 6:28 pm
by HouseMDfan

Mission Complete Jesse942211,656

10/04/07 8:36 pm
by Detreth

My H3 Thoughts UND3R ACHI3V3R181,453

10/04/07 5:47 pm
by Detreth

Horrible Time To Be a Destitute Gamer HouseMDfan161,631

10/04/07 7:44 am
by HouseMDfan

That much closer on GHII CurseDeathLink81,336

10/02/07 12:45 pm
by Crusified Ninja

Gears vs Halo 3: A simple question... porschephiliac111,192

09/29/07 6:05 pm
by rooster ALIEN

Why must the good die young? =( HouseMDfan81,226

09/29/07 1:35 am
by Random Hero

Writing my own blog can be such a chore Zombie Dude 003896

09/28/07 9:05 am
by HouseMDfan