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Crusified Ninja

Personal Information
Join Date:Aug 19, 2007
BirthdayJune 14th
MSN Messenger:theunseenassassin@hotmail.com
Occupation:Student, Gamestop employee
Interests:Gaming, BMX, My girl, Cars, Sports Bikes, ATVs.
Biography:Born in cali, Raised in Aurora CO. Started gaming on NES. Castalvania, parents couldnt potty train me. Rolled into N64 in later years, then into Playstation. Got my xbox and Halo 1 on release. Been working at gamestop for almost 2 years now.
Crusified Ninja's Awards
Burnt Waffle
Burnt Waffle

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Bronze Waffle

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1,000 Posts

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Gamertag Info
GamertagCrusified Ninja
The force is strong with this one.
Crusified Ninja's Shoutbox
Meta - 12 years ago

wii miss ewe :(

Xc Livewire cX - 15 years ago

where have you been man???

Nemesis Mask - 15 years ago

Whats up ninja!

Starscream5000 - 16 years ago

hey is that your car in your pics...hit me up im in colorado also

Some random k1d - 16 years ago

ah fininally registered need to talk to you though

Crusified Ninja - 16 years ago

FACE. Rofl i just shouted at myself XD

HouseMDfan - 16 years ago

I can't make people anything.

HouseMDfan - 16 years ago

Yes, I is staff now!!!! BWAHAHAH!

bonezthemonkey - 16 years ago

nice car man! Check out the on my friend made me it in my pro!

BossBIGa123 - 16 years ago

what part of CO are you from

MarvelJunkies - 16 years ago

nice wheels in your pic