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Madden NFL 07


Personal Information
Join Date:Aug 8, 2007
BirthdayFebruary 23rd, 1989
Favorite GameCall of Duty World at War
MSN Messenger:ssltkatya@hotmail.com
Occupation:Student, author, gamer, reviewer
Location:Augusta, Georgia USA
Interests:Writing, roleplaying (I play a great Dr. House), surfing the net, reading, my girlfriend, me best mate Jen
Biography:I'm a girl. Yep. And I game. Problem? No? Good. I'm an old gamer. 18+ years gaming. Never will tire.
HouseMDfan's Awards
Burnt Waffle
Burnt Waffle

This user has achieved a gamerscore of 25,000 or higher.

Bronze Waffle
Bronze Waffle

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1,000 Posts
1,000 Posts

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360Voice Group
360Voice Group

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Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy

This user has written 10+ published Xbox America news articles.

Discussion Sparker
Discussion Sparker

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It Defines Me
It Defines Me

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Gamercard Lover
Gamercard Lover

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Beta Tester
Beta Tester

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Gamertag Info
MottoIch bin wolfchen
Hi, my name is Shane. I am an Xbox Ambassador. Got an issue? Let me know. You can also find me on Xbox America! I love playing RPGs and FPS games.
HouseMDfan's Shoutbox
WarDrumRhythm - 11 years ago

Hey HouseMDfan! I've been stuck behind you on the Georgia leaderboard for far too long! I was impressed when I checked your profile, looks like you're really involved in the community! Any tips on getting involved?

PureEvil x21 - 12 years ago

Nice Gamer Pic man! I am a 49ers fan as well, first time in 7 years we are Playoff bound. I just hope ALex Smith can get it together in the red zone, or we aint going far.

TK Chillin - 12 years ago

Don't worry I talk to myself often!!!

TK Chillin - 12 years ago

Things are good. I don't get on here like the olden days, but always glad to see long time members pop in from time to time. Do you still Xbox..I'll add you to my stalking...ahh...I mean friends list!!! OK this is the right spot. DUHHH

TK Chillin - 12 years ago

What he said!!! Stick around, we could use a voice of reason around here.

Meta - 12 years ago

Nice to see you poke your head in, House! What's new and good with you lately? I hope you and your loved ones had a good holiday and weehaw 2012 is next

TK Chillin - 16 years ago

How are you doing on this fine day!!!

- 16 years ago

wow your b-day is 1 day after my sons Cool :)

Meta - 16 years ago

Aye, welcome back! I thought I was a Ravenclaw but the more I interact with people, the more I feel like a Slytherin. Also, snakes won't quit talking to me...

Meta - 17 years ago

Hail, you look awesome as a ...Slytherin I presume? You actually seem like you might be more of a Ravenclaw though

CAPP360 - 17 years ago


Zombie Dude 00 - 17 years ago

HOUSE HALO 3 must kill you soon :) w00t

UND3R ACHI3V3R - 17 years ago

How did you get the awards?

Crusified Ninja - 17 years ago


Crusified Ninja - 17 years ago


HouseMDfan - 17 years ago

Yes I was.

FrothyOmen - 17 years ago

Hey, you used to be on x360a, right? Weren't you banned for some reason? PM me back, just curious to see if you're the same person :\