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Personal Information
Join Date:Jul 31, 2013
BirthdayAugust 8th
Favorite GameBlack Ops II, Forza Horizon, Fallout: New Vegas
Least Favorite GameHitman: Absolution, Halo: Reach
Hardest AchievementHarder Driving & Flawless Victory - Forza Horizon
Funniest AchievementCross Dimension Conception - Fable III
Location:El Paso, Tx
Interests:Guns, shooting, horses, video games,
Biography:I'm your average redneck.. Like to get my hands dirty, love all things country. I enjoy gaming as a hobby. Always open to new friends on XBL!
R4NGER J4KE's Awards
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Gamercard Lover

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Gamertag Info
GamertagR4NGER J4KE
MottoImpeach Obummer!
Phil Robertson for President!
R4NGER J4KE's Shoutbox
SeanPCannon - 10 years ago

Hey Man, if you want to boost online achievements with You Don't Know Jack, happy to do online games with you. I notice nobody's online, so I'm happy to set that up. Seems like a fun trivia game, happy to lose on purpose to boost you, too :)

- 10 years ago

And the week before! Just Joking around! Some people sign up just to be updated every ten minutes. And whats this talk of you not doing good?? Your doing great man! 2k is a solid increase! Keep at it man!

- 10 years ago

Happy Birthday! Have a good day man!

BillJones0302 - 10 years ago

No problem and thank you for your service to our country!

ProtoRoll - 10 years ago

Happy Birthday :D

Mo the Surfer - 10 years ago

Happy Birthday!!!!

Vermillion Haze - 10 years ago

Happy bday.

BillJones0302 - 10 years ago

Happy Birthday!!!

DeWayne - 10 years ago

Happy Birthday!

Meta - 10 years ago

happy birthday! do something fun for yourself today, sir

Minioger - 10 years ago

Happy Birthday! (Its the 8th here already) :)

The Snapple Cap - 10 years ago


Moo Lissa - 10 years ago


Moo Lissa - 10 years ago

Head bitch in charge, lol.

theEVOL1 - 10 years ago

Also, if you want, check out my customs thread. http://xboxamerica.com/threads/custom-xbox-360-consoles I put some of my work up in that thread!

theEVOL1 - 10 years ago

Yeah man! No problem! I love working on consoles and troubleshooting electronics! If you ever need any help, feel free to hit me up. I am always willing to give pointers or help walk through problems!

Meta - 10 years ago

done and done

The Snapple Cap - 10 years ago

very immersive tho

The Snapple Cap - 10 years ago

yeah but it's a linear level structured game, takes place in subway system and the ground after nuclear fallout in Russia

The Snapple Cap - 10 years ago

yeah last light takes place like a month after metro 2033

The Snapple Cap - 10 years ago

play metro 2033 first

The Snapple Cap - 10 years ago

it was fantastic!

Kimberly cx - 10 years ago

No problem! It's not as "fancy" as x360a but the admins aren't douche bags and the people are nicer. Haha. XP