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Personal Information
Join Date:Oct 9, 2012
BirthdayJune 11th, 1990
Favorite GameBioshock series, The Orange Box, Mass Effect series
Least Favorite GameAnything related to Call of Duty or Sports games lawl
Location:Jacksonville, FL
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ProtoRoll's Shoutbox
MizTian Cage - 9 years ago

I love you!

Meta - 9 years ago

glad to see ya back posting. what's good lately?

MizTian Cage - 10 years ago


Meta - 10 years ago


Meta - 11 years ago

we miss u

Meta - 11 years ago

wow you have fucking awesome green eyes! how goes your trek through Bioshock 2?

R4NGER J4KE - 11 years ago

Hey thank you!

The Snapple Cap - 11 years ago


Meta - 11 years ago

happy birthday! doing something fun today I hope?

The Snapple Cap - 11 years ago

happy birthday woo

BillJones0302 - 11 years ago

Happy Birthday!!!

Mo the Surfer - 11 years ago

Happy Birthday!!!!

DeWayne - 11 years ago

Happy Birthday!

Mindy - 11 years ago

Happy birthday!

The Snapple Cap - 11 years ago

lol that's gonna suck

The Snapple Cap - 11 years ago

i changed it lol

The Snapple Cap - 11 years ago

lmao! is that what it shows as my display name?

Meta - 11 years ago

how are you enjoying Scott Pilgrim? if you dig it, check out the trial for Phantom Breaker BG on Live Arcade

The Snapple Cap - 11 years ago

when u beat it tell me what u think of the ending

The Snapple Cap - 11 years ago

it is great

The Snapple Cap - 11 years ago

y u no play bioshock infinite

Meta - 11 years ago

hey hey heya Roll, what's good lately?

X - 11 years ago

not sure if you subcribe to gameinformer or not but they had a great 3 page "classic" section at the end of the mag (feb #238) on the history of mega man from the first game to the most recent, at the end of the section they had a sweet page showing everyone of his enemy's from game 1 till now, being a fan i figured you might enjoy it. -X 2/20/13

R4WR SH4RK - 12 years ago

Just beat the 3 main campaigns in RE6... HELLUVA good game!!! I definitely like Chris's the best, but Leon's comes in close second :) You still playing it since you've completed it?

Meta - 12 years ago

How is the original Mass Effect treating you? I can't even imagine what it would feel like after playing 3's MP so long...

slicknick3822 - 12 years ago

Thank you!

The Snapple Cap - 12 years ago

ty :D

The Snapple Cap - 12 years ago

yeah I've just been so lazyyyy with it lol

The Snapple Cap - 12 years ago

congrats on the 1k for RE6! how long did it take? and lol I still haven't even beat all the campaigns yet :S

MizTian Cage - 12 years ago

Tonight? RE6? You can be Jake and I'll be Sherry? ;D