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Barterer Award

DescriptionThis user has completed 3 or more game trades and is in good trading standing.
RecipientsReAl ImPuLsE, Meta, PureEvil x21, glenbiz, IRiSH, Junior, MTB Mamba, AJ, mattd411, APOPHIS1989, Braz, Repo Man 360, Detroit, orange20, theEVOL1, Nick, Moon Knight 875, mikemnsn, Ricky, Sean, Minioger, Cuddly Aardvark, Bay, Kizyrix, BillJones0302, MizTian Cage, Mo the Surfer, Daniel, Leo Ascendent, Mike Vick, CRAWFORD, CannibalX88, BlackHoleFTW, MicroCool, ShadowMachine X