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Leo Ascendent

Personal Information
Join Date:Feb 28, 2010
BirthdayJuly 24th, 1990
Favorite GameFallout 3, BioShock and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
Least Favorite GameMany
Hardest AchievementFour Star General (F.E.A.R. 2) - Earn 1,000,000 exp in online ranked matches.
Funniest AchievementMy Brother is an Italian Plumber (Borderlands) - Jump on an enemy, killing him.
Facebook:None of your fuckin'...
Occupation:Sr. Charge-Off Specialist @ TCF
Leo Ascendent's Awards
Burnt Waffle
Burnt Waffle

This user has achieved a gamerscore of 25,000 or higher.

Bronze Waffle
Bronze Waffle

This user has achieved a gamerscore of 50,000 or higher.

Silver Waffle
Silver Waffle

This user has achieved a gamerscore of 100,000 or higher.

Golden Waffle
Golden Waffle

This user has achieved a gamerscore of 150,000 or higher.

360Voice Group
360Voice Group

This user is a member of Xbox America's group on 360Voice.com.


This user has completed 3 or more game trades and is in good trading standing.


This user introduced himself or herself in the Introduce Yourself forum.


This user used the Xbox America search bar.

Gamercard Lover
Gamercard Lover

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Gamertag Info
GamertagLeo Ascendent
MottoXbox Ambassador
Hello, I'm Leo, an official Xbox Ambassador. If you're new to Xbox, or simply want a friend who can answer your various questions, feel free to add me, or PM me your questions.
Leo Ascendent's Shoutbox
Detroit Code - 12 years ago

I saw it!

Detroit Code - 12 years ago

You have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on your card now?

a Chronic Rager - 12 years ago

What is the MP Achs you're talking about in Two Worlds II? I have the game so I'd be happy to help, just not sure what you're talking about.

Leo Ascendent - 12 years ago

Yo thanks bros

Meta - 12 years ago

Happy dude, birthday!! wat

Mo the Surfer - 12 years ago

Happy Birthday!!

Smasher39 - 12 years ago

I love all of your favorite games, your taste in games is great, just sayin'.

DeafeningLime - 12 years ago

Its CleanDrx for Xbox and its in a white case with green writing. It was like $10 at Best Buy

- 13 years ago

I don't know you but Happy Birthday!

Mo the Surfer - 13 years ago

Happy Birthday!!!!

- 13 years ago

Happy Birthday!

ShadowMachine X - 13 years ago

Happy Birthday!

Johnny Broflex - 13 years ago

Happy birthday bro

BillJones0302 - 13 years ago

Happy Birthday!

Adrian - 13 years ago

sucks I clicked on your link last night decided to give it a second chance. It read my ps3 list but not 360 :(

Adrian - 13 years ago

dude Im having trouble with playfire tracking my xbox gt it will not show up and time out. Any suggestions?

Meta - 13 years ago


xZYKERx - 13 years ago

I was wondering if you have any more dupped clothes and weapons for Fable 3. New to the site and was browsing the forums and seen you had helpped some in the past. Let me know...THANKS!

Circus - 13 years ago

How long did Deadly Premonition take to complete would ya say?

Circus - 13 years ago

I set up a Dark Messiah session on TA for Wed if you're free join up.

- 14 years ago

I partnered you with dont die young in the 2011 partner GS comp, is that cool with you?

Johnny Broflex - 14 years ago

I live in Minneapolis

Johnny Broflex - 14 years ago

Where at in MN do u live?

xAxStarx - 14 years ago


Leo Ascendent - 14 years ago

I don't give something for nothing, so don't ask.