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Suggestions & Bug Reports

Suggestions & Bug Reports Threads
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Washington State Leaderboard StophJ13849

12/03/08 7:59 pm
by Xc Livewire cX

Not a suggestion, yet a bug muddy94940634

11/23/08 12:23 pm
by muddy9494

Kentucky leader board mods please look dreamweaver1984522,744

11/13/08 7:57 pm
by Taco

Private Groups (Chapters) EnragedBullet191,289

10/20/08 2:23 pm
by Raine

Shout box sort of thing ChiefKEV90191,291

10/03/08 10:24 pm
by CrooklynMayo

the best slogan ever! Some random k1d658,218

09/03/08 10:45 am
by Jared

Gaining more people... Illuminatus Obscurus322,309

09/01/08 3:49 pm
by Raine

New award "XbA Herald" Meta251,947

08/27/08 3:01 am
by Aidan

gamercards theundyingon31775

08/25/08 6:15 am
by Jackson

How do I add games to my owned games list in my profile? Arcadius II6931

08/11/08 12:11 am
by Arcadius II

I would be #1 in my state with GS but... Arcadius II231,900

08/05/08 12:13 am
by CrooklynMayo

Ninja Gaiden II missing MVP ReK mAyHeM3757

08/02/08 5:56 pm
by Jackson

Blogs link at top Broken Illuminatus Obscurus8924

08/01/08 10:11 pm
by Jackson

Closed: BE REAL WHERE YOU FROM gt realist934,292

07/30/08 2:42 pm
by Random

Adbright or what ever TK Chillin382,553

07/17/08 9:08 pm
by iKidd

help gt realist2861

07/17/08 1:30 am
by Jackson

Tiger '08 Missing Radie4206929

07/10/08 12:55 am
by TK Chillin

XBA Shirts TK Chillin141,182

07/02/08 3:03 pm
by iKidd

Game Icon not working on Create a Card Shockwave291,534

06/27/08 7:13 pm
by iKidd

the 'Beta tester' award Meta2770

06/25/08 12:22 am
by CrooklynMayo

Total Members PhatCodyLee151,672

06/23/08 10:34 pm
by CrooklynMayo

I gotta question? TH3JUICEMAN392,300

06/06/08 7:37 am
by megan

XBA gamerpics theEVOL1222,083

06/01/08 7:36 pm
by Taco

Bios and mottos Craig Furious101,336

05/28/08 2:22 am
by Repo Man 360

XBA - Canada Regions Illuminatus Obscurus71,034

05/18/08 2:09 pm
by Illuminatus Obscurus