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Site News & Updates

Site News & Updates Threads
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New Award: Googler Jackson774,491

05/30/10 9:31 pm
by Greg

New 'waffle philanthropist' award Jackson121,219

05/30/10 12:56 am
by PureEvil x21

Xbox America on Twitter Jackson392,254

04/08/10 2:01 pm
by AuthenticVIP

Note about GamercardCreator.com Jackson31,245

03/31/10 3:11 pm
by D0UBLEO76

Archiving of threads Jackson7997

03/16/10 4:13 am
by Nick

Awards Reinstalled Jackson43114,996

03/12/10 6:04 am
by animefr33k

A little server trouble Jackson111,196

02/22/10 7:32 pm
by theEVOL1

Clear all shoutouts option Jackson151,163

02/12/10 12:37 am
by IRiSH

Xbox Ohio Launched Jackson322,410

02/11/10 5:45 pm
by ReAl ImPuLsE

Post Ratings Jackson603,368

01/20/10 10:34 pm
by Blackmagic16

Please rate posts Jackson10918

01/08/10 1:21 pm
by Beast mmmmwwwww

Closed: New Moderation Policy Jackson502,686

01/05/10 1:29 am
by Austin

URL Shortener Jackson98,613

01/01/10 2:23 pm
by Bovice63

Introducing the 'Live Forum' page Jackson261,485

12/13/09 2:10 pm
by Detroit

New Moderator Jackson422,283

12/07/09 7:05 am
by bonedaddy83

Jump to user's position on leaderboard Jackson71,011

12/06/09 6:17 pm
by Stake

Hide awards from the thread view Jackson5813

12/06/09 5:25 pm
by BoyzRFlatt

Ability to Cancel Events Jackson151,261

12/01/09 11:56 pm
by PureEvil x21

Twitter in profiles Jackson4777

11/11/09 3:27 pm
by Biscuit

Login Streak Count Jackson271,538

11/07/09 3:31 pm
by Blackmagic16

Notifications for awards Jackson201,414

10/21/09 4:03 am
by Dvader83

Block a user's signature Jackson5934

10/18/09 7:07 pm
by Nemesis Mask

New game collection controls Jackson161,327

10/13/09 10:28 pm
by Bay

Online status next to posts Jackson371,793

09/28/09 9:26 pm
by ImpureKing44

Profanity Censor Jackson533,413

09/18/09 10:42 pm
by Adrian