Welcome to XboxAmerica!

We are striving to be a one-stop community for Xbox 360 owners in the America's. Born out of XboxOhio.com, XboxAmerica will be a unique two-tiered community that provides you with a top level community encompassing Xbox 360 news, articles and forums, as well as the gradual creation of state level sites (as members join) to provide a more personal community for those in close proximity to each other.

As the community grows, we will continue to expand our offerings to include exclusive tournaments, clan wars (State v. State), Game Ladders (Halo 3 anyone?), Podcasts and more. All members are encouraged to submit News to be reviewed by staff, but please remember to cite the source of your news (with link) and do not plagiarize.

As for the forums and the community, the rules are pretty simple:

Keep it clean
Be Respectful
No Flame Wars
No Spamming
Keep the images to a minimum

Mods will be sweeping the forums as well as the comments section on News and Articles.

We want everyone to have fun and enjoy the community. Suggestions are not only appreciated, but encouraged.

Kick back, relax and enjoy yourselves,
XboxAmerica Staff

P.S. You will receive a welcome PM form a staff member after you sign up that contains great information to help enjoy you XbA experience.