Well, I finally broke down and bought the original GRAW for the 360. Best Buy had it for $19.99 this week, and I had a $5 off coupon from one of the gift card packages in store.

So, for $15 I will be able to try my hand at my first real tactical style game. I never really played through the Socom style games of the past, so this may be interesting.

I just look forward to the whole Tom Clancy style storyline and the incredible graphics. I did try the demo for the GRAW 2 sequel that just came out, so if this one is good for me, I may have to pick up the new one.

Plus, I need to achieve another 790 achievement points to complete my 1500 for the xbox rewards. I noticed that the 100 MS point reward is getting low on stock. I have to hurry!