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Lady Golden

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Join Date:Jul 1, 2009
BirthdayDecember 19th
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360Voice Group

This user is a member of Xbox America's group on 360Voice.com.

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MottoHey, it's just a game
Lady Golden's Shoutbox
Lady Golden - 14 years ago

Golden is truly crushed about what has been happening here since he has been on the site. He has seen it go from a great place, to a place of anger, resentment, beating each other at every drop of the hat. Some of you might think that my husband was a jerk, but in all honesty, he is a teddy bear at heart, and absolutely hates it when people argue or fight. He deals with it on a daily basis, only to come and see it here, but he was a different person when he got to spend time here. It's where he went to escape the "real world" as all of us do at times. As we speak, he went for a drive because he was so upset. I checked his Xbox account, and sure enough some person named "Krueger" has been posting stuff like "Enjoy your vacation" You are no longer a mod, poor baby!!" I don't know what Golden did, but it is things exactly like this that causes people to get irritated with things. This should be a place where people can come and wind down and not have to worry about slipping and maybe saying something wrong all to get bashed over the head with it. I better get off now, if Kev was to come home and see me here, he'd get really upset with me. If anyone wishes to speak to Kevin, please send me a message here. I will not however tolerate anything or messages like I posted above. We all need to be civil in this world. It is a very diverse universe here, and people need to learn that.

- 14 years ago

this place is gotten horrible ive had people from xba harass me on live because I came back, how dumb is that. Golden and a few others here will always be my friends and that the best I got from here

- 14 years ago

Im really going to miss Golden here tell em i talk 2 him on live :D as for the drama thats why my wife and son won't come back here

Lady Golden - 14 years ago

In memory of the "Golden1"