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Join Date:Aug 10, 2009
BirthdayJanuary 7th
PlayStation Network:slbrey
Occupation:Freight Worker
Location:Souderton PA
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TheBrouhaha84's Shoutbox
- 15 years ago

why are you shouting yourself? It doesn't make your argument any more justified.

slbrey - 15 years ago

yea kinda hard when you got juniors friend as a mod lol surprised I lasted as long as I did ill be back tho.

Nick - 15 years ago

banned again? and you were just starting to make allies.....

Detroit - 15 years ago

pwned x2? dang

slbrey - 15 years ago

lol pwned

Crustyhippy - 15 years ago

You smashed him!! All he was doing was lurkin' around teh interwebs!

legoalissa - 15 years ago

sure =]

- 15 years ago


- 15 years ago

I think the below shout was meant for another shoutbox. LOL

TheBrouhaha84 - 15 years ago

Theres alot I could say about your avatar but theres alot more I could say about you as a person but I have alittle more self control then you so im gonna be mature and ignore you :)

ReAl ImPuLsE - 15 years ago

Sure just send me FR I can help u out with amry of two but u need 4 ppl to boost