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ADA Prey

Personal Information
Join Date:Jan 4, 2007
BirthdayFebruary 13th
AIM:X360 MaNiAc Yo
Interests:Basketball, Babes, 360
Gamertag Info
GamertagDa PrEy
ADA Prey's Shoutbox
Jackson - 16 years ago

Yeah, it was rough loss. Now that the Cavs are out, I'm rooting for the Lakers. I want to watch Kobe in the Finals.

megan - 16 years ago

you should have played the other night when we had xba gamenight

megan - 16 years ago

I'M OK. I'm not going to say I'm good since some maps I'm good at and some I'm not. I don't have like 4 achievements. Due to my lack of not trying for them since I don't use the sniper/rifle/rocket launcher much. 100 vista kills is hard since what's t

Hockeypuck55 - 16 years ago

no problem

Jackson - 16 years ago

Cavs and Lakers again this Sunday -- should be a good one

Jackson - 17 years ago

Naw, the Cavs suck this year - They're under .500. Now that LBJ's back maybe things will change

Hockeypuck55 - 17 years ago

no your the best

ADA Prey - 17 years ago

the "last 360 voice" is cool, it said like everything i did yesturday, lol

ADA Prey - 17 years ago

xba is tight

Hockeypuck55 - 17 years ago

welcome to the site