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Xbox Live and Xbox.com downtime on October 17th

News | October 12, 2006 2:47 pm
Xbox fans will be without Xbox.com and Xbox Live service on October 17th. Starting at Midnight PST, both services will be unavailable for up to 24 hours. While this maintenance does not include the Fall Dashboard upgrade, it will add some "secret cool stuff" that will be announced when the service comes back up.

Read the official Newsflash below


Downtime for Xbox.com and Xbox Live
We've got some scheduled maintenance coming up and want to let everyone know that both the Xbox Live service and Xbox.com will be offline and unavailable starting at midnight Pacific Time on Tuesday October 17, 2006 for up to 24 hours. We know you've got some questions, so here are some answers:

Q: Why? Why? Why?

A: Because we're adding some cool stuff. And we have to take the service and website offline in order to do it. We're not doing it to make you mad really.

Q: What kind of cool stuff?

A: Secret cool stuff that we'll tell you about when we're back online October 18. Other stuff we'll be talking about later in the fall.

Q: Is this a Dashboard update?

A: Nope.

Q: So what's going to happen exactly? What's it going to look like for me?

A: For the first hour or two that Xbox.com and Xbox Live are down, you'll get error messageswhen you hit Xbox.com you'll see a Server Not Available message, and if you try to connect to Xbox Live you'll get the "can't connect" message. Don't freak. It's not your account, your computer, your browser, or your ISP. It's us. After a couple hours you will see a "We're down for maintenance" page on Xbox.com and a similar message on your Xbox console.

Q: Twenty-four hours? That's a whole day!

A: Yes it is. It is also 86,400 seconds. Too bad the Xbox Operations Center isn't on Jupiter. A day there is a little less than 10 hours!
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