I've been asked on a couple sites about the Audio Logs in Burial at Sea, I found 15/17 it appeared that the vast majority missed the same logs, so I figured I would throw this out there to help anyone who is still looking for them. Credit for the vid goes to Cakechievables (as an added bonus all lockpicks are also included in the video)


and just in case here are a few tips for the rest of the achievements

Confirmed Luddite 10G - Destroy ten turrets in Burial At Sea - Episode 1
It's relatively self explanatory. There does appear to be only enough Turrets in the Episode to get the achievement, however sometime you will find one that has already been destroyed by a splicer, or in my case you end up destroying a turret that you possessed before it became hostile towards you again. Those turrets will NOT count towards the achievement. It must be hostile, and you must destroy it, if you miss 1 or 2 just load up the first chapter featuring combat and you should have it shortly after.

Fully Equipped 10G - Purchase any two upgrades for Old Man Winter or Radar Range in Burial At Sea - Episode 1
This is also self-explanatory, the first upgrade for Old Man Winter costs about $125 and is available at the very first Gene Bank you come across, which is before you even have the Plasmid to begin with. The second is around $225 so it will cost you around $350 for both upgrades. Buy them both and achievement unlocked.

Break The Ice 10G and Snowball Effect 10G - Shatter 5 enemies who have been frozen with Old Man Winter/Freeze 2 enemies with the same Old Man Winter Trap
You can do both of these at the same time. Get a group of splicers together run away hold the LT and aim it at the floor in front of you, this creates a trap, if you have both upgrades one of them causes an Area of Effect, which means when it hits one it hits everyone around them. So one well placed trap with enough splicers and they should all freeze, simply melee (Y button) each of them and you should have both, if you didn't get 5 of them simply freeze splicers and melee them as needed.

Chain Reaction 50G and Cook and Serve 10G - Damage 15 foes with an exploding enemy, using the Radar Range in Burial at Sea - Episode 1/Make 5 enemies explode with the Radar Range in Burial at Sea - Episode 1
The Radar Range is a new gun introduced in Burial at Sea, it is essentially a Microwave Gun, the longer you hold down RT it will cause a Splicer to turn red and then explode. You will get Cook and Serve on your way to Chain Reaction. Essentially causing one Splicer to explode will cause any Splicer in it's vicinity to explode. You do not need to upgrade it to cause quite a few to explode, it appears to have an extreme blast radius and can explode enemies even if they are obstructed by an object. This is extremely easy to get just start exploding enemies and it will pop in no time.

Down in the Briney 25G/Going Places 25G/Burial at Sea 50G -

These are story related, they can not be missed, as long as you finish the DLC you will get all 3. The only tips I have is play just like you played Infinite. If you focused on Plasmid heavy combat they are still just as powerful, pretty much all of the main guns from the main game are present (The Shotgun, Machine Gun, Repeater, Handcannon, Sky Hook) just not their alternates and no Sniper.
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Elizabeth can still open tears, and she will still throw you ammo, EVE, and Health.

As long as you use your environment and play the way you did in the main game there shouldn't be any parts that you will find incredibly hard.

I hope this helps anybody who was looking, and if you have any questions feel free to ask :)