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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

View Leaderboard:
Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
13550th25,442kyoftw's tilekyoftwMODARK SOULSBatman:Arkham City™ PCState of DecayAoE OnlineIron BrigadeProfile
13551st25,440su1c1de kn1ght's tilesu1c1de kn1ghtCAModern Warfare® 3Guitar Hero IIITorchlightAssassin's Creed IISkyrimProfile
13552nd25,438Greyking's tileGreykingCADiablo IIIBorderlandsBorderlands 2Saints Row: The ThirdDead IslandProfile
13553rd25,423rickycarello's tilerickycarelloCTFallout: New VegasDragon Age: OriginsDragon Age IIGTA IVTrials HDProfile
13554th25,405VICECITY55's tileVICECITY55MOWalking Dead: Season 2COD: Black Ops IIHalo 3Grand Theft Auto VHalo 4Profile
13555th25,402TANKMAN55's tileTANKMAN55MDRESIDENT EVIL 6Assassin's Creed IVDeadliest WarriorRed Dead RedemptionDARK SOULSProfile
13556th25,391pinkranger206's tilepinkranger206WAState of DecayFable IIIGears of War 3Mass Effect 3MinecraftProfile
13557th25,390S U N S 4 E V A's tileS U N S 4 E V ANCGears of WarNBA 2K9Call of Duty: WaWLeft 4 DeadGears of War 2Profile
13558th25,390CherokeeAlx's tileCherokeeAlxFLSouth Park™: TSOTCOD: Black Ops IIHalo 4Midnight Club: LAThe Witcher 2Profile
13559th25,388J4CKHOLE's tileJ4CKHOLEUTGrand Theft Auto VMax Payne 3SSX™Pinball ArcadeMicrosoft FlightProfile
13560th25,385corymccrazy's tilecorymccrazyCODARK SOULS IIRed Dead RedemptionDARK SOULSGrand Theft Auto VSpartacus LegendsProfile
13561st25,382Da unDEADable's tileDa unDEADableGABorderlands 2Saints Row IVGrand Theft Auto VCOD: Black Ops IIMinecraftProfile
13562nd25,378O Tanto's tileO TantoCOProfile
13563rd25,370zacharythemastr's tilezacharythemastrNHDARK SOULSGuitar Hero MetallicaRock Band 2Perfect Dark ZeroDARK SOULS IIProfile
13564th25,364popsfree's tilepopsfreeILCOD: Black Ops IICall of Duty®: GhostsMinecraftTurtles In Time RSDouble DragonProfile
13565th25,358P8NGU7NS08's tileP8NGU7NS08PASkyrimBorderlands 2Mass Effect 3OblivionPinball FX2Profile
13566th25,350xX GuN eM DoWn's tilexX GuN eM DoWnTXFIFA 08Halo 3Guitar Hero IIIGTA IVTC's RainbowSix Vegas2Profile
13568th25,350UberFuzz3000's tileUberFuzz3000WAFar Cry® 3Far Cry® 3Hexic HDGrand Theft Auto VDiablo IIIProfile
13567th25,350xxmadskittlesxx's tilexxmadskittlesxxMAHalo: ReachAvatar KinectModern Warfare® 2Forza Motorsport 3Heavy WeaponProfile
13569th25,348CAVEman589's tileCAVEman589MOMinecraftSkate 3Man vs. WildLEGO® Batman™ 2Just Cause 2Profile
13570th25,346Sir NestrO's tileSir NestrONHPeggleMotocross MadnessBattleBlock TheaterWalking Dead: Season 2DishonoredProfile
13571st25,340AceOfSpades 274's tileAceOfSpades 274PASection 8: PrejudiceBattlefield 1943™Mass Effect 2Red Dead RedemptionUNOProfile
13572nd25,335bozo the hobo's tilebozo the hoboCASONIC UNLEASHEDDOOMPac-Man C.E.Gears of WarGuitar Hero IIProfile
13573rd25,330markuscarcus's tilemarkuscarcusPAModern Warfare® 2Toy SoldiersMarble Blast UltraGeometry Wars EvolvedCentipede & MillipedeProfile
13574th25,330sameoleground's tilesameolegroundVAMotocross MadnessDestiny BetaDARK SOULS IIDragon Age: OriginsGotham City ImpostorsProfile

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