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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
12050th32,884Pacifist Goat's tilePacifist GoatNJDestinyTitanfallHalo 4MinecraftBorderlands 2Profile
12051st32,873Lil Joe008's tileLil Joe008FLAssassin's Creed® IIIDestinyBattlefield 4The Walking DeadSaints Row: The ThirdProfile
12052nd32,865DaBlackMan123's tileDaBlackMan123NCSONIC GENERATIONSSkyrimBorderlands 2Happy WarsNBA 2K13Profile
12054th32,860DichterStiefel's tileDichterStiefelWAProfile
12055th32,860Bellator Ater's tileBellator AterORRock Band 2Gears of War 3COD: Black Ops IIRock BandHalo 3Profile
12053rd32,860Kielbasa20's tileKielbasa20CNDishonoredTigerWoodsPGATOUR® 08Saints Row: The ThirdFIFA 10Borderlands 2Profile
12056th32,859Daddy0033's tileDaddy0033WAHalo: ReachBanjo Kazooie: N n BNFS Most WantedSONIC THE HEDGEHOGAssassin's CreedProfile
12057th32,855Jarret Vakarian's tileJarret VakarianMIMortal KombatFIFA 14NCAA® Football 14LOTR: ConquestFallout: New VegasProfile
12058th32,845tikrbell711's tiletikrbell711ILHalo 3Shoot Many RobotsBattleBlock TheaterMotocross MadnessMonacoProfile
12059th32,839Dark xXX Drag0n's tileDark xXX Drag0nNHRock Band 3Rock Band Music StoreSkyrimHexic HDGrand Theft Auto VProfile
12060th32,837Axel323's tileAxel323NCHalo 4InjusticeCastle CrashersBatman:Arkham City™ PCFEZProfile
12061st32,835tazer235's tiletazer235KYMinecraftFallout 3DARK SOULSTC's RainbowSix VegasDARK SOULSProfile
12062nd32,830PetrolJoggie's tilePetrolJoggieCNBioShock InfiniteDuke Nukem ForeverSkate 3Skate 2Fable AnniversaryProfile
12063rd32,817Psycho Shady's tilePsycho ShadyNYHalo: ReachHalo 4MinecraftCall of Duty®: GhostsCastle CrashersProfile
12064th32,806Nithorium's tileNithoriumIDBorderlands 2DARK SOULSWorms 2: ArmageddonMinecraftCastle CrashersProfile
12065th32,797Phat Raccoon's tilePhat RaccoonCNHalo 3Far Cry 3 Blood DragonHitman: Absolution™Saints Row: The ThirdHalo: Spartan AssaultProfile
12066th32,795Shinchib's tileShinchibCNLEGO® Harry Potter™Call of Duty Black OpsModern Warfare® 2Rock BandBattlefield: Bad Co. 2Profile
12067th32,790IDiivil's tileIDiivilOHBattleBlock TheaterTales of VesperiaHappy WarsHalo 4SkyrimProfile
12068th32,787vistavin's tilevistavinTNGears of War 3BioShockHalo 4Tenchu ZGuitar Hero IIProfile
12069th32,785skizmcniz's tileskizmcnizTXMass Effect 2Dead IslandMadden NFL 11PreyGrand Theft Auto VProfile
12070th32,782SirLordAlucard's tileSirLordAlucardAZHalo 3Guitar Hero MetallicaCall of Duty: WaWCall of Duty: WaWCall of Duty 2Profile
12071st32,782BsTiFFiE's tileBsTiFFiEORBatman: Arkham City™COD: Black Ops IIMinecraftCall of Duty®: GhostsAssault HeroesProfile
12073rd32,773magoozamagoo's tilemagoozamagooALBattlefield: Bad Co. 2Modern Warfare® 2Fallout 3DiRT™Marvel Ult. AllianceProfile
12072nd32,773HoneyBoy61608's tileHoneyBoy61608PAFallout: New VegasFallout 3Fallout 3Fallout 3GTA IVProfile
12074th32,770Keenono's tileKeenonoPAHalo 3TitanfallCall of Duty: WaWCOD: Black Ops IIDiablo IIIProfile

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