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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
11175th37,855General Lee 701's tileGeneral Lee 701NEGrand Theft Auto VModern Warfare® 2Halo: CE AnniversaryHalo 2 (PC)Counter-Strike: GOProfile
11176th37,853Uncutstuff's tileUncutstuffORAdvanced WarfareGears of War[PROTOTYPE®2]Abyss OdysseyTrials HDProfile
11177th37,847HOOT813's tileHOOT813NYUltimate MK3ZumbaGears of War 2Guitar Hero 5Rock Band 2Profile
11178th37,845YAEGEL's tileYAEGELALSouth Park™: TSOTBully Scholarship Ed.LEGO BatmanGrand Theft Auto VAssassin's Creed IVProfile
11179th37,845Mother Bry's tileMother BryLADragon Age InquisitionBorderlands 2Madden NFL 11YOU DON'T KNOW JACK®Halo 3Profile
11180th37,844palffy33's tilepalffy33PAGTA IV PCGears of War (Windows)Gears of War 3Mass EffectContraProfile
11181st37,843The420BaldKid's tileThe420BaldKidWVHalo WarsAC Liberation HDToy Soldiers: Cold WarTrials EvolutionSkyrimProfile
11183rd37,826matt11707's tilematt11707NYPerfect Dark ZeroTitanfallDiRT ShowdownWarfaceSleeping Dogs™Profile
11182nd37,826Typh0on's tileTyph0onNYBully Scholarship Ed.COD: Black Ops IIU. MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3NHL® 14TMNT 1989 ArcadeProfile
11184th37,825xXxRatedLegend's tilexXxRatedLegendCAGTA IV PCDARK SOULSFallout 3InjusticeFIGHT NIGHT CHAMPIONProfile
11185th37,822evilmojofcs's tileevilmojofcsNJSecrets and TreasureGrand Theft Auto VU. MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3Pinball FX2Rock Band 3Profile
11186th37,817Cosmo1882's tileCosmo1882DCGTA IVMadden NFL 10Rock BandGears of War 2Chessmaster LiveProfile
11188th37,815AustinMc14's tileAustinMc14OHTrials EvolutionMinecraftTony Hawk's PS HDMONOPOLYCall of Duty Black OpsProfile
11187th37,815xXd brunsonXx's tilexXd brunsonXxNYDeadlightThe Walking DeadCall of Duty®: GhostsHitman: Absolution™AC RevelationsProfile
11189th37,812BLOODYHORROR's tileBLOODYHORRORMACall of Duty®: GhostsCOD: Black Ops IIGrand Theft Auto VTC's RainbowSix VegasMadden NFL 25Profile
11190th37,810KSGxTHUNDER's tileKSGxTHUNDERTXDestinyHalo: ReachHalo WaypointJetpack JoyrideHungry Shark EvolutionProfile
11191st37,797iM S0 KILLER's tileiM S0 KILLERINProfile
11192nd37,786stickyg00dn3ss's tilestickyg00dn3ssINCOD: Black Ops IILEGO® Batman™ 2Grand Theft Auto VSaints Row IVSkyrimProfile
11193rd37,761EditedPoo's tileEditedPooGABorderlands Pre-SequelNASCAR '14Guitar Hero IIHalo 3Forza Motorsport 4Profile
11195th37,755Schoenith's tileSchoenithOHGrand Theft Auto VAdvanced WarfareForza Horizon 2Red Dead RedemptionBattlefield 4Profile
11196th37,755Ingles55's tileIngles55VATrials HDFight Night Round 4PureGears of WarBattlefield: Bad Co.Profile
11194th37,755Chops228's tileChops228INGears of War 3Gears of War 2Geometry Wars EvolvedDARK SOULSHalo: ReachProfile
11197th37,754Blinx92's tileBlinx92PADiablo III: RoSPerfect DarkCivilization Revolut'nRocksmithPAYDAY 2Profile
11198th37,750SHO ONE's tileSHO ONEILCrackdownSUPER STREETFIGHTER IVCOD: Black Ops IIShankLeft 4 DeadProfile
11199th37,745tracor03's tiletracor03TXRocksmith 2014Viva Piñata: TIPBatman: AA GOTYPAYDAY 2NCAA® Football 10Profile

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