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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

View Leaderboard:
Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
11000th37,905Darkstar0123's tileDarkstar0123WYTrials EvolutionTerrariaSkylanders SWAP ForceMinecraftLEGO® MarvelProfile
11001st37,901cargoman01's tilecargoman01TXMass Effect 2South Park™: TSOTDiablo IIIMass EffectCastlevania: LoS 2Profile
11002nd37,881EG ReMpTiOn IXI's tileEG ReMpTiOn IXINJCOD: Black Ops IIKS: Season TwoTigerWoodsPGATOUR® 10Halo 4Gears of War 3Profile
11003rd37,875bdghablig500's tilebdghablig500CAGears of War 3Halo 3SkyrimCall of Duty Black OpsGrand Theft Auto VProfile
11004th37,874DFFnA36's tileDFFnA36FLProfile
11005th37,869WitnessxLeBron's tileWitnessxLeBronORMadden NFL 13Call of Duty®: GhostsGrand Theft Auto VNBA 2K13MinecraftProfile
11006th37,861Chuck Bosworth's tileChuck BosworthMADARK SOULSKinect PartySpelunkyMinecraftPuzzle QuestProfile
11007th37,851Shenak's tileShenakOKDefianceMagic 2013Gotham City ImpostorsWarfaceGrand Theft Auto VProfile
11008th37,844Nate023's tileNate023OHMortal KombatHalo WaypointBorderlandsNHL® 12Guitar Hero IIIProfile
11009th37,833HatefullFoil535's tileHatefullFoil535RIDestiny BetaTitanfallBattleBlock TheaterMinecraftTrials EvolutionProfile
11010th37,829PJ812's tilePJ812MOBanjo-TooieLUMINES LIVE!BioShock InfiniteDJ HeroL.A. NoireProfile
11011th37,826matt11707's tilematt11707NYPerfect Dark ZeroTitanfallDiRT ShowdownWarfaceSleeping Dogs™Profile
11012th37,821darthcameron117's tiledarthcameron117NCDragon Age: OriginsCastle CrashersDiablo IIIGrand Theft Auto VTC's RainbowSix VegasProfile
11013th37,817Cosmo1882's tileCosmo1882DCGTA IVMadden NFL 10Rock BandGears of War 2Chessmaster LiveProfile
11014th37,815AustinMc14's tileAustinMc14OHTrials EvolutionMinecraftTony Hawk's PS HDMONOPOLYCall of Duty Black OpsProfile
11015th37,812Gateau Monstre's tileGateau MonstreCTGrand Theft Auto VForza Motorsport 4RocksmithFar Cry® 3Force Unleashed IIProfile
11016th37,807HOOT813's tileHOOT813NYUltimate MK3ZumbaGears of War 2Guitar Hero 5Rock Band 2Profile
11017th37,789UnveiledArk's tileUnveiledArkNJUNO & FriendsAlphaJaxCut the Rope: Exp.Six-GunsilomiloProfile
11018th37,786stickyg00dn3ss's tilestickyg00dn3ssINCOD: Black Ops IILEGO® Batman™ 2Grand Theft Auto VSaints Row IVSkyrimProfile
11019th37,770unforgiven 313's tileunforgiven 313TXF.E.A.R.Bully Scholarship Ed.Red Dead RedemptionMortal KombatBulletstormProfile
11020th37,767evilmojofcs's tileevilmojofcsNJLet’s Golf 2Grand Theft Auto VRock Band 3Jetpack JoyridePinball FX2Profile
11021st37,755Ingles55's tileIngles55VATrials HDFight Night Round 4PureGears of WarBattlefield: Bad Co.Profile
11022nd37,745benwa71's tilebenwa71MEMadden NFL 25TigerWoodsPGATOUR® 12Spartacus LegendsDarksiders IIBorderlands 2Profile
11023rd37,740Panthera Fang's tilePanthera FangCAHalo 4Halo WaypointBattleBlock TheaterCastle CrashersGrand Theft Auto VProfile
11024th37,732Rampage3000's tileRampage3000NCDance Central 3Dance Central 2Kinect SportsTitanfallDJ Hero® 2Profile

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