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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
5575th79,630VadersProdigy's tileVadersProdigyFLDARK SOULSDust: An Elysian TailWalking Dead: Season 2Mass Effect 3Charlie MurderProfile
5576th79,615WickedD365's tileWickedD365TXGrand Theft Auto VDuckTales: RemasteredDOOM 3 BFG EditionDOOM IIDOOMProfile
5577th79,613Thehybridxer0's tileThehybridxer0LAGotham City ImpostorsCall of Duty ELITEBattleBlock TheaterAlien Breed Episode 1Matt Hazard: BBBProfile
5579th79,610Mm Jackjack's tileMm JackjackMNGrand Theft Auto VCOD: Black Ops IIAssassin's Creed IVCall of Duty®: GhostsCall of Duty 4Profile
5578th79,610FPSJunkie's tileFPSJunkieMIMicrosoft MahjongKingdoms & LordsAoE: Castle SiegePlants vs. ZombiesMicrosoft SolitaireProfile
5580th79,600Kuroi Shichi's tileKuroi ShichiTXMinecraftU. MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3Borderlands 2SudokuSkyrimProfile
5581st79,590KillerNut614's tileKillerNut614OHNBA 2K14Sleeping Dogs™WWE 2K14Mortal Kombat ArcadeCrackdownProfile
5582nd79,585Kairi x360's tileKairi x360Microsoft BingoCars 2FlowerzAC BrotherhoodFamily Game Night 4Profile
5583rd79,584Get Czeched Out's tileGet Czeched OutPANBA 2K14NFL BlitzSonic & KnucklesGauntletMagic 2013Profile
5584th79,560Quikstop's tileQuikstopALCOD: Black Ops IICall of Duty Black OpsModern Warfare® 3GH™: Warriors of RockMinecraftProfile
5585th79,558Eisenhorn029's tileEisenhorn029MNBLADESTORMMortal KombatAlien Hominid HDGeometry Wars Evolved²LEGO Star Wars: TCSProfile
5586th79,554net2672's tilenet2672COMadden NFL 15Madden NFL 25ThiefSouth Park™: TSOTLEGO® Indiana Jones™ 2Profile
5587th79,550RenoZ's tileRenoZOKProfile
5588th79,534Rizzgone's tileRizzgoneCABulletstormMEGA MAN 10ContraSkate 3Skate 2Profile
5589th79,532chaoticgrate236's tilechaoticgrate236VABorderlands 2The Wolf Among UsRayman® LegendsRunner2Darksiders IIProfile
5590th79,520O0o Skittle o0O's tileO0o Skittle o0OORMinecraftHalo 3Halo WaypointThe Walking DeadCall of Duty®: GhostsProfile
5591st79,509Death By Yeti's tileDeath By YetiTXMortal Kombat ArcadeHalo: ReachDR2: Off The RecordPersona 4 ArenaResident Evil: ORCProfile
5592nd79,500STINGN's tileSTINGNILGrand Theft Auto VNHL® 14Call of Duty®: GhostsNBA 2K14FIFA 13Profile
5593rd79,495pettway's tilepettwayKSWorld of TanksSaints Row: The ThirdGrand Theft Auto VHalo: ReachGears of War 2Profile
5594th79,480Skitxo's tileSkitxoTXAssassin's Creed IVBattlefield 4Borderlands 2DestinyDishonoredProfile
5595th79,468PxP Maui WoWie's tilePxP Maui WoWieCASouth Park™: TSOTCall of Duty®: GhostsMass Effect 3OblivionBorderlands 2Profile
5596th79,460JoseloPR's tileJoseloPRFLBioShock InfiniteSpartacus LegendsTomb RaiderSkyrimNBA 2K12Profile
5597th79,426TKE IK694's tileTKE IK694NYBorderlands 2NBA 2K13Rock BandGuitar Hero IIMass Effect 3Profile
5598th79,410TANK zwei's tileTANK zweiTXDARK SOULS IIWarfaceDARK SOULSDARK SOULSWWE 2K14Profile
5599th79,400Wolf of Death's tileWolf of DeathFLSkyrimDestiny BetaBattleBlock TheaterSouth Park™: TSOTDARK SOULS IIProfile

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