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Connecticut Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Connecticut Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
51st118,753Enter The Nutty's tileEnter The NuttyCTBorderlands Pre-SequelBorderlandsCall of Duty®: GhostsMinecraftTornado OutbreakProfile
52nd118,648white3er's tilewhite3erCTSaints Row: The ThirdDisney UniverseMass Effect 2Mass Effect 3Skylanders GiantsProfile
53rd117,974rampage198's tilerampage198CTBorderlands 2Fallout: New VegasMetal Gear Solid HDSlender - The ArrivalDestinyProfile
54th117,693Real Plump Box's tileReal Plump BoxCTSouth Park™: TSOTLEGO® MarvelMETAL GEAR RISINGSlender - The ArrivalBINARY DOMAINProfile
55th116,576DarkSydePhil's tileDarkSydePhilCTProfile
56th115,825elusive taco's tileelusive tacoCTNeed for Speed The RunHalo: ReachMicrosoft SolitaireCall of Duty®: GhostsFar Cry 3 Blood DragonProfile
57th109,534chris92's tilechris92CTGrand Theft Auto VMadden NFL 25LEGO® Batman™ 2NCAA® Football 14Madden NFL 13Profile
58th108,355Sinabro's tileSinabroCTAlice: Madness ReturnsMicrosoft JigsawCOD: Black Ops IIRed Dead RedemptionPAC-MAN CE DX Windows8Profile
59th108,301bigdx1027x's tilebigdx1027xCTCall of Duty®: GhostsGrand Theft Auto VCOD: Black Ops IIBorderlands 2Rock Band BlitzProfile
60th107,771Deathwish203's tileDeathwish203CTBattlefield 4Borderlands 2Halo 4Call of Duty®: GhostsMadden NFL 15Profile
61st107,574Sh4d0w 0f Hat3's tileSh4d0w 0f Hat3CTBattleBlock TheaterDungeon DefendersRock Band 2DYNASTY WARRIORS 7KoA: ReckoningProfile
62nd107,095enzo matrixx's tileenzo matrixxCTWalking Dead: Season 2Grand Theft Auto VDB: Raging Blast 2Dragon Ball Z: BOZMinecraftProfile
63rd104,602mayoman69's tilemayoman69CTBorderlands 2MLB 2K13BorderlandsPlants vs. ZombiesAoE: Castle SiegeProfile
64th104,564RandyGam3Freak's tileRandyGam3FreakCTSerious Sam 3: BFECOD: Black Ops IITrials EvolutionUFC® Undisputed™ 3Castle CrashersProfile
65th103,075RSX7's tileRSX7CTForza Horizon 2Madden NFL 15Secrets and TreasureAngry Birds ClassicGame Chest SolitaireProfile
66th102,163Ghost2314's tileGhost2314CTDawn of War IIMicrosoft JigsawSUPER STREETFIGHTER IVTaptilesMicrosoft BingoProfile
67th101,395darthcnch's tiledarthcnchCTDestinyHalo 4Magic 2015MonacoTropico 4Profile
68th100,330HeavenzNyght's tileHeavenzNyghtCTMinecraftGotham City ImpostorsBattleBlock TheaterCOD: Black Ops IICall of Duty Black OpsProfile
69th100,126Velikost's tileVelikostCTHalo 4Rock Band 3RESIDENT EVIL 5Forza HorizonBattlefield 1943™Profile
70th99,676NITRO667's tileNITRO667CTCall of Duty®: GhostsBattlefield 4Madden NFL 25Grand Theft Auto VSaints Row IVProfile
71st97,537Jeff Mukau's tileJeff MukauCTGrand Theft Auto VBorderlands 2DD: Dark ArisenEl ShaddaiDARK SOULSProfile
72nd95,550KidDivinegon's tileKidDivinegonCTLEGO® LotRSkyrimBioShock InfiniteFraggerGravity GuyProfile
73rd93,825must be a curse's tilemust be a curseCTGRID 2Gotham City ImpostorsNHL® 14Bully Scholarship Ed.Hexic HDProfile
74th93,175SystemHasFailed's tileSystemHasFailedCTSONIC GENERATIONSDARK SOULSX-MEN™Mortal KombatAlpha ProtocolProfile
75th92,716V1C10U5 K1TT3N's tileV1C10U5 K1TT3NCTOnce Upon a MonsterGrand Theft Auto VSaints Row IVThe Walking DeadRESIDENT EVIL 6Profile

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