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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
19524th2,290This Is Palooza's tileThis Is PaloozaNYHalo 3Command and Conquer 3Command & Conquer 3EA SPORTS FN 3Gears of WarProfile
19525th2,290TheElectricEye's tileTheElectricEyePAInjusticeDisney Infinity [2.0]Burnout RevengeKinect AdventuresLEGO® Star Wars® IIIProfile
19528th2,275PhoenixOfFlames's tilePhoenixOfFlamesPASkyrimBurnout RevengeSHIFT 2 UNLEASHED™Midnight Club: LAJust Dance 3Profile
19526th2,275Stan Razmus's tileStan RazmusMITigerWoodsPGATOUR® 08TigerWoodsPGATOUR®07Track and FieldUNOUNOProfile
19527th2,275Chicago ICON's tileChicago ICONILHalo 3Call of Duty 4Halo: ReachCOD: Black Ops IIHalo 4Profile
19529th2,270gnos8's tilegnos8DCProfile
19530th2,270JasWalk's tileJasWalkOKCOD: Black Ops IICall of Duty®: GhostsCall of Duty ELITEModern Warfare® 3Modern Warfare® 2Profile
19531st2,260dragoontheloon's tiledragoontheloonFLModern Warfare® 3Call of Duty Black OpsDead IslandGears of War 2Halo: ReachProfile
19532nd2,255Dark Wavydavy's tileDark WavydavyMOCall of Duty Black OpsGTA IVRock Band 3Fallout: New VegasMafia IIProfile
19534th2,255iE PrEjUiiCe's tileiE PrEjUiiCeFLCOD: Black Ops IIAssassin's Creed® IIICall of Duty Black OpsSpidey: Web of ShadowsCall of Duty: WaWProfile
19533rd2,255Detective121's tileDetective121PALEGO® MarvelLEGO® Star Wars® IIIToy BoxDisneyland AdventuresMinecraftProfile
19535th2,253Knyghty's tileKnyghtyLAHalo 3Forza Motorsport 2Call of Duty 4Rock BandNFS ProStreetProfile
19536th2,250AndhikaXbox's tileAndhikaXboxCNBattlefield 4Forza Motorsport 4Modern Warfare® 3Battlefield 3Grand Theft Auto VProfile
19537th2,250go g3t h3r1's tilego g3t h3r1ARHalo WaypointGTA IVCall of Duty Black OpsBAJA: Edge of ControlDragon Age IIProfile
19538th2,245revanmj pl's tilerevanmj plCNGTA IV PCResident Evil: ORCBatman:Arkham City™ PCAoE OnlineBatman: AA GOTYProfile
19539th2,245tupm25's tiletupm25PACall of Duty Black OpsModern Warfare® 3Need for Speed™ CarbonGuitar Hero World TourESPNProfile
19540th2,245Bigshotapple's tileBigshotappleWIModern Warfare® 2FIFA 14Need for Speed™ CarbonModern Warfare® 3COD: Black Ops IIProfile
19542nd2,240xWICKEDx KILLER's tilexWICKEDx KILLERTXDance CentralModern Warfare® 3Kinect AdventuresJust Dance 3Fruit Ninja KinectProfile
19543rd2,240T3nn3ss33 Girl's tileT3nn3ss33 GirlOHLipsCOD: Black Ops IICall of Duty Black OpsMortal KombatSONIC UNLEASHEDProfile
19541st2,240xAORx ITS RUIN's tilexAORx ITS RUINLATRANSFORMERS 3Battlefield 3TitanfallGrand Theft Auto VCall of Duty: WaWProfile
19544th2,239Chicharito the1's tileChicharito the1TXHalo 3MinecraftFable IIICall of Duty Black OpsModern Warfare® 3Profile
19545th2,237Rk9Playz's tileRk9PlayzCOCOD: Black Ops IIGrand Theft Auto VHalo 4Battlefield: Bad Co. 2Call of Duty Black OpsProfile
19546th2,230TX WIGSPLITA361's tileTX WIGSPLITA361TXCall of Duty Black OpsCall of Duty 4Modern Warfare® 2Harm's WayKane & Lynch 2Profile
19547th2,220X2 WangTang's tileX2 WangTangNYLOTR: War in the NorthDoritos Crash CourseHalo: ReachCastlevania: SOTNLEGO Star Wars: TCSProfile
19549th2,215XxAnubis33xX's tileXxAnubis33xXNVSkate 2SkyrimLeft 4 DeadHalo: ReachDoritos Crash CourseProfile

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