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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
11300th36,820iKenj's tileiKenjPANBA 2K11NBA 2K12SONIC GENERATIONSSONIC THE HEDGEHOGNBA 2K13Profile
11301st36,820TheLoneWolf84's tileTheLoneWolf84MOPvZ Garden WarfareBatman™ Arkham OriginsLEGO® LotRPAC-MAN MUSEUMBejeweled 2Profile
11302nd36,810A crazyguy113's tileA crazyguy113NYDeadlightLOTR: ConquestDishonoredWalking Dead: Season 2Far Cry 3 Blood DragonProfile
11303rd36,808beersuds's tilebeersudsPANHL® 14Far Cry® 3BorderlandsHalo 3Battlefield 4Profile
11304th36,805pofrickentato's tilepofrickentatoTXCastle CrashersHalo WaypointHalo: ReachRed Dead RedemptionFruit Ninja KinectProfile
11305th36,802BamaXman's tileBamaXmanALCOD: Black Ops IIBattlefield: Bad Co. 2Darksiders IIHalo: ReachDead IslandProfile
11306th36,800ZodiakDesTROYer's tileZodiakDesTROYerCABorderlands Pre-SequelDestinyBorderlands 2Dead or Alive 5Halo WarsProfile
11307th36,795Hillstrom's tileHillstromMOGears of War 3Gears of WarCrysis®2Call of Duty Black OpsModern Warfare® 2Profile
11308th36,790Devoure's tileDevoureTXCOD: Black Ops IIHalo: ReachLeft 4 Dead 2Batman: AA GOTYBatman:Arkham City™ PCProfile
11309th36,788IDupont's tileIDupontWICall of Duty Black OpsAC BrotherhoodSplinterCellConvictionAssassin's Creed IIVirtua Tennis 3Profile
11310th36,773Surlaw The Mai's tileSurlaw The MaiKSStar Trek LegacyFallout 3BioShock 2Batman:Arkham City™ PCRESIDENT EVIL 5Profile
11313th36,770Blueberry Blood's tileBlueberry BloodNCWorld of TanksCivilization Revolut'nGotham City ImpostorsBattlefield: Bad Co. 2Call of Duty Black OpsProfile
11312th36,770Rammbone's tileRammboneNYInjusticeCOD: Black Ops IIModern Warfare® 3Gears of War 3Halo: ReachProfile
11311th36,770xXd brunsonXx's tilexXd brunsonXxNYDeadlightThe Walking DeadCall of Duty®: GhostsHitman: Absolution™AC RevelationsProfile
11314th36,770dannyboytellem's tiledannyboytellemTNNBA 2K13SkyrimHitman: Absolution™Tropico 4BACKBREAKER™Profile
11315th36,765captain mcnuget's tilecaptain mcnugetTXHalo 4DARK SOULSModern Warfare® 2Halo 3Battlefield 3Profile
11316th36,760z iExclusive z's tilez iExclusive zWICOD: Black Ops IICall of Duty®: GhostsCall of Duty Black OpsJetpack JoyrideModern Warfare® 3Profile
11317th36,752Lee1001's tileLee1001WVForza Motorsport 4COD: Black Ops IIDestinyModern Warfare® 3PAYDAY 2Profile
11318th36,748DropDead Daniel's tileDropDead DanielNHOF: Red RiverCOD: Black Ops IIDD: Dark ArisenGears of War: JudgmentNBA 2K13Profile
11319th36,735richzilla1968's tilerichzilla1968IAStreetFighter IVWSOP: Full House ProSniper Elite V2Madden NFL 25F1® 2013Profile
11320th36,733SlayerXE's tileSlayerXEMIDARK SOULSKane & Lynch: Dead MenBioShock 2Dawn of War IIMass Effect 2Profile
11321st36,712BloodVayn59's tileBloodVayn59MOProfile
11323rd36,710PandaEatingSoup's tilePandaEatingSoupGASTREETFIGHTER X TEKKENSUPER STREETFIGHTER IVDARK SOULSGotham City ImpostorsBioShock 2Profile
11322nd36,710vvv ziggiz's tilevvv ziggizFLBorderlands 2BorderlandsLeft 4 Dead 2DishonoredBattleBlock TheaterProfile
11324th36,701vxtotalchaosxv's tilevxtotalchaosxvWATitanfallDestinyForza Horizon 2MinecraftDiablo III: RoSProfile

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