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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
10050th44,483Brokencurse2004's tileBrokencurse2004MDModern Warfare® 3NHL® 14Skate 3South Park™: TSOTGrand Theft Auto VProfile
10051st44,480Ix BcOx 924 xI's tileIx BcOx 924 xIOHAssassin's Creed RogueAssassin's Creed® IIICall of Duty®: GhostsAdvanced WarfareDarksiders IIProfile
10052nd44,475zephyr1991's tilezephyr1991MAGrand Theft Auto VSUPER STREETFIGHTER IVDARK SOULSDARK SOULS IIMortal Kombat ArcadeProfile
10053rd44,430arnarson22's tilearnarson22MAHalo 4Battlefield 4Trials EvolutionGrand Theft Auto VFIFA 14Profile
10054th44,420The Axolotl's tileThe AxolotlARBorderlands Pre-SequelBuku SudokuThe VoiceSpider-Man 3Soulcalibur IVProfile
10055th44,404sig331's tilesig331SCKung Fu Panda® 2Skylanders GiantsMadden NFL 25LEGO® MarvelNCAA® Football 14Profile
10056th44,400MCPpants310's tileMCPpants310CAProject SparkFallout 3GTA IV PCDead Island RiptideBioShock InfiniteProfile
10057th44,400Rogue Onslaught's tileRogue OnslaughtWAModern Warfare® 3COD: Black Ops IISaints Row 2Borderlands 2Halo 4Profile
10059th44,390Zombie51313's tileZombie51313ILSW2 EmpiresFatal InertiaSAMURAI WARRIORS 2 XLWinning Eleven 2008DDR/DS Universe 2Profile
10058th44,390ohknowitsjoe's tileohknowitsjoeTNBattlefield 3Civilization Revolut'nCall of Duty ELITEGrand Theft Auto VSleeping Dogs™Profile
10060th44,376countyeasy's tilecountyeasyNYMinecraftWATCH_DOGS™COD: Black Ops IIDead IslandCall of Duty®: GhostsProfile
10061st44,373JetDJ's tileJetDJFLDEADRISING2:CASE WESTDR2: CASE ZEROGears of War: JudgmentJet Set RadioJoustProfile
10062nd44,372cyberbatman's tilecyberbatmanWYAdvanced WarfareMinecraftStreetFighter IVDestinySkylanders Trap TeamProfile
10063rd44,350Doug x360a's tileDoug x360aMDPinball FX2Kinect Adventuresskate.Gears of WarGears of War 2Profile
10064th44,348Sephiroth987100's tileSephiroth987100TNDragon Age InquisitionMagic 2015Magic 2013Viva Piñata: TIPBorderlands Pre-SequelProfile
10065th44,345Viktor Vega's tileViktor VegaIAMadden NFL 15Madden NFL 25NCAA® Football 14Assassin's Creed IVFIFA 13Profile
10066th44,337HonkyAdonis's tileHonkyAdonisNCBorderlands Pre-SequelLEGO Star Wars: TCSMass Effect 3KoA: ReckoningYaiba: Ninja Gaiden ZProfile
10067th44,329ready2ski's tileready2skiIDCOD: Black Ops IIPvZ Garden WarfareCastle CrashersCall of Duty®: GhostsNCAA® Football 09Profile
10068th44,322zombienick's tilezombienickFLNINJA GAIDEN 2DEAD RISINGDEADLY PREMONITIONDARK SOULS IIDD: Dark ArisenProfile
10069th44,311jabroniekilla2k's tilejabroniekilla2kVTDARK SOULS IINARUTO STORM GMinecraftWarfaceDust: An Elysian TailProfile
10070th44,300CrimeMinister's tileCrimeMinisterMABorderlandsCall of Duty Black OpsRock Band 3Rock Band 2Saints Row 2Profile
10071st44,293IndyByteMan's tileIndyByteManINDragon Age InquisitionBorderlands Pre-SequelMass Effect 3DishonoredSkyrimProfile
10072nd44,281rand0m0ne's tilerand0m0neCTGrand Theft Auto VAssassin's Creed® IIIForza Motorsport 4BioShock InfiniteHalo: CE AnniversaryProfile
10073rd44,279Furches's tileFurchesNCModern Warfare® 2Call of Duty ClassicCall of Duty Black OpsDmC Devil May CryHalo 4Profile
10074th44,273DannyBoyFL's tileDannyBoyFLFLBatman: AA GOTYNeed for Speed™ RivalsLEGO® MarvelBioShock InfiniteAssassin's Creed IVProfile

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