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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
9825th43,487ajfunfun's tileajfunfunPABattlefield 4Call of Duty®: GhostsMagic 2013Halo 3Halo: ReachProfile
9827th43,480xBEAR352x's tilexBEAR352xFLCall of Duty®: GhostsAlice: Madness ReturnsGrand Theft Auto VZumba Fitness COREArmy of Two™Profile
9826th43,480im2spooky's tileim2spookyOHDRIVER San FranciscoBattlefield 4Call of Duty®: GhostsBattlefield 1943™Dance CentralProfile
9828th43,472coldatrophy's tilecoldatrophyIAProfile
9829th43,465Fictiv3's tileFictiv3NYRocksmithBioShock InfiniteDishonoredCivilization Revolut'nWalking Dead: Season 2Profile
9830th43,453xChris is LOSTx's tilexChris is LOSTxTNCall of Duty®: GhostsGrand Theft Auto VMinecraftFar Cry® 3NCAA® Football 14Profile
9831st43,435ohknowitsjoe's tileohknowitsjoeTNCivilization Revolut'nGrand Theft Auto VSleeping Dogs™Battlefield 3Forza Motorsport 4Profile
9832nd43,429codered308's tilecodered308NEForza HorizonGrand Theft Auto VSleeping Dogs™Assassin's Creed® IIISONIC GENERATIONSProfile
9833rd43,428Vigilant Dad's tileVigilant DadWAHitman: Absolution™The Wolf Among UsTetris SplashAssassin's Creed IVBioShock InfiniteProfile
9834th43,427darky the hun's tiledarky the hunCNSkate 2BAYONETTAFallout 3ANARCHY REIGNSDARK SOULSProfile
9835th43,420FEARtheBATMAN39's tileFEARtheBATMAN39WIMedal of Honor™LOTR, BFME IIMadden NFL 13Battlefield 3Grand Theft Auto VProfile
9836th43,400x Malvad0's tilex Malvad0NYMadden NFL 25Dungeon DefendersSouth Park™: TSOTNBA 2K14Dead IslandProfile
9837th43,394Mongoose588's tileMongoose588WIMinecraftDARK SOULS IIWorld of TanksDungeon DefendersHappy WarsProfile
9838th43,390razed1's tilerazed1ARDARK SOULS IICivilization Revolut'nWorld of TanksMinecraftSaints Row 2Profile
9839th43,373Unsafesnail's tileUnsafesnailWVFamily Game Night 4Modern Warfare® 3Kinect AdventuresParty AnimalsDiRT 3Profile
9840th43,363xXxKingKhaosxXx's tilexXxKingKhaosxXxILModern Warfare® 3Rayman OriginsHexic HDSonic AdventureU. MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3Profile
9841st43,353A Witty Name's tileA Witty NameNJMinecraftFIFA 14Battlefield 4COD: Black Ops IIGrand Theft Auto VProfile
9842nd43,346methajones's tilemethajonesINMicrosoft MahjongTMNTBeautiful KatamariGame RoomMonsters Love CandyProfile
9843rd43,334NinjaZak85's tileNinjaZak85TXDiRT 3Halo 4TigerWoodsPGATOUR®07Dead IslandSingularityProfile
9844th43,330incognitoem's tileincognitoemKYBioShock InfiniteGears of WarPuzzle Quest 2Rock Band 3Band HeroProfile
9845th43,326marvin maganoo's tilemarvin maganooILDisney InfinitySuper Meat BoyBraidDoritos Crash CourseCastle CrashersProfile
9846th43,325Achvmnt Unlckd's tileAchvmnt UnlckdCNModern Warfare® 3MinecraftAssassin's Creed® IIICall of Duty Black OpsBorderlands 2Profile
9847th43,315grimjack352's tilegrimjack352VATomb RaiderTC's RainbowSix VegasDash of DestructionDishonoredXCOM: Enemy UnknownProfile
9848th43,314L2 Godfather's tileL2 GodfatherMIGrand Theft Auto VHitman: Absolution™CoJ: The CartelNCIS GameCSI: Deadly IntentProfile
9849th43,308CrUsAdEr JoE's tileCrUsAdEr JoENYCrysis®2Call of Duty Black OpsDragon Age: OriginsDark VoidOF: Dragon RisingProfile

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