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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

View Leaderboard:
Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
9825th44,895ChaoticTheory84's tileChaoticTheory84FLNBA 2K14UFC® Undisputed™ 3Mortal KombatModern Warfare® 3Gotham City ImpostorsProfile
9826th44,885Lahfta's tileLahftaILSaints Row: The ThirdModern Warfare® 3Dead Rising 2Halo 3Left 4 DeadProfile
9827th44,880HopedZER0's tileHopedZER0AZDARK SOULSMidnight Club: LAWay of the Samurai 3Castle CrashersGeometry Wars Evolved²Profile
9828th44,865KrzyHpnKricket's tileKrzyHpnKricketDEFar Cry® 3Diablo IIISaints Row IVSonic TransformedRayman OriginsProfile
9829th44,860SpYdA9288's tileSpYdA9288MAPinball FX2WSOP: Full House ProWorld of TanksWarfacePinball FXProfile
9830th44,851A Mental Cashew's tileA Mental CashewAZProfile
9831st44,846BBQblackbear's tileBBQblackbearORProfile
9832nd44,844TechnoPallidin's tileTechnoPallidinNCAssassin's Creed IIMinecraftFallout 3AstropopCastle CrashersProfile
9833rd44,840little mclovin's tilelittle mclovinNVGrand Theft Auto VBattlefield 3Left 4 Dead 2MinecraftWorld of TanksProfile
9834th44,825Kurt X22's tileKurt X22IAMagic 2013Battlefield 4Magic 2014AC Liberation HDGotham City ImpostorsProfile
9835th44,807joe cartoone's tilejoe cartooneIAMONOPOLY® StreetsGrand Theft Auto VAscend: Hand of KulNCAA® Football 14Diablo IIIProfile
9836th44,802coldatrophy's tilecoldatrophyIAProfile
9837th44,796BONQU's tileBONQUNJMagic 2014BioShock InfiniteGrand Theft Auto VLost CitiesCOD: Black Ops IIProfile
9838th44,780Crowza's tileCrowzaWVDestiny BetaWorld of TanksFallout: New VegasHalo: Spartan AssaultStreetFighter IVProfile
9840th44,780d1rtyyyy's tiled1rtyyyyMNMicrosoft SolitaireMicrosoft SolitaireDiablo IIIGears of War 3Microsoft MinesweeperProfile
9839th44,780RedWarrior39's tileRedWarrior39OKLEGO® Indiana Jones™LEGO® Indiana Jones™Halo: ReachBorderlandsMass EffectProfile
9841st44,775EpikUndead's tileEpikUndeadPABorderlands 2DD: Dark ArisenRock Band 2MinecraftState of DecayProfile
9843rd44,774UnholySynnz's tileUnholySynnzWVWorld of TanksHalo 4Halo WaypointMadden NFL 13Rise of the ArgonautsProfile
9842nd44,774Raynja's tileRaynjaNHBattlefield 4Call of Duty®: GhostsLIGHTNING RETURNS:FF13Mass Effect 3Mass Effect 2Profile
9844th44,759Enjoibt's tileEnjoibtMDMinecraftBattleBlock TheaterForza HorizonGotham City ImpostorsAscend: Hand of KulProfile
9845th44,745DullestIsland50's tileDullestIsland50MDCOD: Black Ops IIMinecraftRock Band BlitzBattleBlock TheaterBorderlands 2Profile
9846th44,728ll Starblade ll's tilell Starblade llCADestiny BetaCall of Duty®: GhostsWarfaceFar Cry® 3Dead IslandProfile
9847th44,716Deathbydkdotgov's tileDeathbydkdotgovNJGotham City ImpostorsBattleBlock TheaterSaints Row IVHalo: CE AnniversaryCOD: Black Ops IIProfile
9848th44,715cj in his pjs's tilecj in his pjsPACut the RopeMinecraftCastle CrashersThe Sims™ 3Crazy TaxiProfile
9849th44,715Coreyg 815's tileCoreyg 815ILBattlefield 4World of TanksToy Soldiers: Cold WarMadden NFL 25Top Spin 4Profile

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