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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
7625th60,472XI American IX's tileXI American IXNJHalo 3COD: Black Ops IICommand and Conquer 3Gears of WarModern Warfare® 3Profile
7626th60,465Jagermiester's tileJagermiesterPADARK SOULSSonic's UGCRock of AgesPlants vs. ZombiesGame RoomProfile
7627th60,462Kidd Kash EX's tileKidd Kash EXNYCivilization Revolut'nFIFA 14FINAL FANTASY XIIIBorderlands 2DW5 EmpiresProfile
7628th60,447Anarchy Force's tileAnarchy ForceMICOD: Black Ops IIDB: Raging Blast 2NARUTO STORM 3FIFA 13Madden NFL 12Profile
7630th60,445Jesse the Fresh's tileJesse the FreshOHDeadpoolDeadfall AdventuresSkyrimDARK SOULS IIGrand Theft Auto VProfile
7629th60,445Sacredballs's tileSacredballsTXDiablo III: RoSSkyrimDishonoredBatman™ Arkham OriginsFar Cry® 3Profile
7631st60,432Sergeant Sanko's tileSergeant SankoCTDestinyDiablo III: RoSMinecraftDishonoredDiablo IIIProfile
7632nd60,429Nighthawk814's tileNighthawk814RIMinecraftRock Band 3BattleBlock TheaterTrials EvolutionDARK SOULSProfile
7633rd60,426OBAMech's tileOBAMechSCHalo WaypointWalking Dead: Season 2InjusticeDarksidersWATCH_DOGS™Profile
7634th60,416nikolayIIICCCP's tilenikolayIIICCCPNMDARK SOULSBioShock 2Resident Evil: ORCDawn of War IICastle CrashersProfile
7635th60,410CrispitoA7X's tileCrispitoA7XTXDestinyCOD: Black Ops IINCAA® Football 14MoH WarfighterBattlefield 3Profile
7636th60,407Koma224's tileKoma224TXDmC Devil May CrySkyrimDishonoredBorderlands 2Crimson AllianceProfile
7637th60,397MoldyClay87's tileMoldyClay87NJPhantom Breaker : BGThe Wolf Among UsRunner2Beyond Good & Evil HDLEGO® PiratesProfile
7638th60,392Sweetness 1434's tileSweetness 1434ILProject SparkMass Effect 3Grand Theft Auto VCall of Duty®: GhostsMass Effect 2Profile
7639th60,380Xenization's tileXenizationILModern Warfare® 2Doritos Crash Course 2Call of Duty 4Feeding FrenzyPac-Man C.E.Profile
7640th60,380ridengethigh420's tileridengethigh420PADestinyNHL® 14Motocross MadnessTrials Fusion 2014 FIFA World Cup™Profile
7641st60,373mowery32's tilemowery32OHMinecraftBorderlands 2Halo 4Clash of HeroesDungeon DefendersProfile
7642nd60,372krosseyekirb's tilekrosseyekirbMDMass Effect 2Dead IslandGuitar Hero MetallicaGuitar Hero IIIMass EffectProfile
7643rd60,371EL CHICO LOCO's tileEL CHICO LOCONDWorld of TanksDestinyGears of War 3Fallout: New VegasDishonoredProfile
7644th60,366xxdiggityxx's tilexxdiggityxxWIMinecraftFamily Game NightWSOP: Full House ProSkyrimGrand Theft Auto VProfile
7645th60,365dragonuff's tiledragonuffWVAlpha ProtocolDragon Age: OriginsWarfaceMinecraftWalking Dead: Season 2Profile
7646th60,359edstein's tileedsteinKSWSOP: Full House ProDiablo IIIBorderlands 2Call of Duty®: GhostsCharlie MurderProfile
7647th60,354iLaNd0n's tileiLaNd0nKYAssassin's Creed® IIIAC RevelationsAC BrotherhoodToy Soldiers: Cold WarForza Motorsport 4Profile
7648th60,340Eddie Swiss's tileEddie SwissCNCharlie MurderDARK SOULSMagic 2013South Park™: TSOTSilent Hill HDProfile
7649th60,339Hoodsy's tileHoodsyCAMafia IIBanjo Kazooie: N n BGeometry Wars Evolved²OblivionHalo: CE AnniversaryProfile

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