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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
5300th79,231Dr Mustardman's tileDr MustardmanCASOULCALIBUR VGrand Theft Auto VNINJA GAIDEN 2NINJA GAIDEN 3: REHitman: Absolution™Profile
5301st79,217I Eat BuIlets's tileI Eat BuIletsFLGrand Theft Auto VCall of Duty®: GhostsGears of War 3Halo 4COD: Black Ops IIProfile
5302nd79,203SnakeThief's tileSnakeThiefNEDARK SOULS IIMinecraftDeadlightHitman HD PackNBA 2K14Profile
5303rd79,196Il KonvicT Il's tileIl KonvicT IlCNCall of Duty®: GhostsBattlefield 4COD: Black Ops IIModern Warfare® 3Diablo IIIProfile
5304th79,185GEONESS's tileGEONESSNYGrand Theft Auto VShoot Many RobotsOverlordSleeping Dogs™Bejeweled 2Profile
5305th79,165Noob Assassin13's tileNoob Assassin13MATrials EvolutionTrials HDFable® II Pub GamesModern Warfare® 3Grand Theft Auto VProfile
5306th79,160WildCard Zen's tileWildCard ZenSCMagic 2013Ascend: Hand of KulDefense GridPoker Night 2Gears of War 3Profile
5307th79,158Way Fast CBR's tileWay Fast CBRMAGrand Theft Auto VSOULCALIBURAegis WingRISK FactionsVirtua Fighter 2Profile
5308th79,149BigMo786's tileBigMo786TXNBA 2K12Batman: Arkham City™ESPNL.A. NoireGears of War 3Profile
5310th79,125dwights x beets's tiledwights x beetsMNAssassin's Creed IVBattleBlock TheaterBastionGrand Theft Auto VIron BrigadeProfile
5309th79,125T0rn3ss's tileT0rn3ssFLSkyrimRed Dead RedemptionSaints Row 2Gears of War: JudgmentRAGEProfile
5311th79,111Phantom 69's tilePhantom 69CNHalo 4WWE '13Virtua Fighter 5Sleeping Dogs™Streets of Rage 2Profile
5312th79,110RaccoonNinja28's tileRaccoonNinja28INSCOTT PILGRIM THE GAMEDead Rising 2SOULCALIBUR VThe Wolf Among UsHitman: Absolution™Profile
5313th79,103T4Z3's tileT4Z3NVAscend: Hand of KulMinecraftGrand Theft Auto VSkyrimMX vs ATV ReflexProfile
5314th79,099iviast3r shake's tileiviast3r shakeOHGrand Theft Auto VBattlefield 3COD: Black Ops IIHalo 4DishonoredProfile
5315th79,090culshadow23's tileculshadow23TXDEAD RISINGThe Godfather™ IIThe Orange BoxBully Scholarship Ed.Diablo IIIProfile
5316th79,084Frostdigi's tileFrostdigiPATC's EndWarNARUTO STORM 3TC's RainbowSix Vegas2DARK SOULS IICOD: Black Ops IIProfile
5317th79,075xgrim's tilexgrimWVSouth Park™: TSOTDisney Epic Mickey 2WWE '13MinecraftToy Soldiers: Cold WarProfile
5318th79,060A Grenade's tileA GrenadeOHCall of Duty®: GhostsSouth Park™: TSOTSplinterCell BlacklistGrand Theft Auto VHalo 4Profile
5319th79,054Burchett1986's tileBurchett1986OHHydro ThunderLOLLIPOP CHAINSAWVelvet AssassinGears of War 3Family Guy: BTTMProfile
5320th79,052Gildebrandt's tileGildebrandtPABorderlands 2COD: Black Ops IIRock Band 2AFRO SAMURAIFable AnniversaryProfile
5321st79,043x H a ii L zZ o's tilex H a ii L zZ oCASkate 3Gears of War 2Left 4 Dead 2JumperGame RoomProfile
5322nd79,027Kamikazeace's tileKamikazeaceINProfile
5323rd79,011shiningcheese's tileshiningcheeseTXMonacoN+Iron BrigadeLUMINES LIVE!FEZProfile
5324th78,995Hoyt23's tileHoyt23CTForza Motorsport 2CarsNBA LIVE 07NCAA® Basketball MMEBurnout RevengeProfile

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